Events AMBI CLIMATE: inject your air-con with artificial intelligence! 10 November 2018

I’m a BIG Kickstarter fan (ie. the site where you can buy all these cool innovations that are not out yet in the market), and have purchased from them several times. It’s also really cool to see some of these products then gain so much popularity (and customers) that they branch out into their own stand-alone companies.

I feel like this particular one, the Ambi Climate, is totally made for Singaporeans, because of our awful humid/hot climate. We’ve been using it for about two months now and OMG I AM THOROUGHLY ADDICTED.

So here’s the thing: we permanently have the air-conditioners running in our house.. because we all can’t deal with Singapore’s heat – day or night.

I love the cool/dry temperature in our house, but there’s 2 downsides:

  1. The thermostat on the remote controls never seem to work. It gets colder and colder, so I often find myself turning it off for a few minutes, then turning it back on again. Annoying because I have to get up and get the remote control every.single.time.
  2. Our electricity bill. It is PHENOMENAL. Gulp.


So this little device, the Ambi Climate, is touted to solve these issues. It uses Artificial Intelligence to learn from your feedback.. then auto-adjusts your air-conditioner to your optimal comfort level, and save up to 30% on your energy bill.

That pretty much had me SUPER keen to try the device out.


Personalized comfort profile generated by AI algorithm

The pint-sized Ambi Climate unit gives you a smart home, and balances the weather outside, temperature inside, sunlight, time of day, and indoor humidty to create a personalised Comfort Profile, which adjusts on-the-fly the entire time you have your A/C on.


Here’s our little Ambi Climate, hiding underneath our TV and nestled behind our printer. I love how it’s unobtrusive. 

So how is it working for us?

It’s made a HUGE DIFFERENCE, that’s what.

Normally, I get up and get our remote control to turn our A/C on and off around 3-4 times an afternoon. I’m either too hot or too cold, and that drives me crazy.

Once I set up the unit (took me 2 mins to do so), it used A.I. and machine learning to learn my preferences – this took about 3 days. 

After that, Ambi Climate has been doing the adjusting for me – all on it’s own.


This is how I used the Ambi Climate app to adjust my preferences on-the-fly for the first 3 days. You just press the button that you feel, as often as you like, and it learns. 

As a huge bonus, I can also turn our A/C on and off remotely. This is super handy if you don’t like coming home to a sweaty home – you can turn your A/C on a few minutes before you arrive!


And this is what my Comfort Profile looks like. From time to time, I’ll hear a lil *beep* as it adjusts the settings of the A/C. I’ve found that it truly does ‘learn’ the temperature I like, and that means I get up to grab the remote control… ZERO TIMES. 


I like our home temperature to be cool enough so we’re not sweating, but temperate enough for us to be in sleeveless tops – like what Chloe is in here. So here’s my comfortable baby!


You can see here that Carter is in long-sleeve PJs in the morning. The temperature is cool enough for him to be in these clothes without sweating. 


And this is late-afternoon, with Chris working on their new bike.. so the temperature is dropped a bit more to keep him cool while he does hard labour *ahem*


At night, our Ambi Climate will adjust the A/C again so it’s not too cold, considering the temperature is lower outside. Perfectly comfortable for…… movie night!


Perfectly comfortable for a baby in long-sleeve pyjamas to snuggle and do bedtime stories with too 🙂


Well, in Sep (before we started using Ambi Climate) we used over 1350kwH of electricity.

In Nov, our bill has estimated we will use 967kwH. Heyyyyy…. a 30% cost decrease!

That’s a significant decrease.. considering our bill has always roughly been the same amount every month. I am excited to see how our bill pans out in the long-term!


This is a really good animated graphic to show how & why you get cost savings. 


You can purchase Ambi Climate at USD$129 per unit.
They ship world-wide!





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