Beauty, Chanel, Events, FASHION CHANEL’S COCO GAME CENTER EVENT 27 April 2018

I was invited to the preview of Chanel’s “COCO Game Center”, so of course I said HELL YES! I could only pop in for a bit (#momlife) but it was still totally worth it. Because… hello free-flow champagne 😉

Held at the Luxe Art Museum, it was a really well-run event with super friendly staff (aka Chanel beauty advisors) and just gorgeous decor.


Those big Chanel cushions gave me heart-eyes, but they were not for sale. But check out the cute makeup, arranged in the shape of a space invaders jet! Every corner was a photography session ready to happen, and it was full of fashionable women carrying their Chanel bags. Simply awesome eye candy!


The cosmetics were displayed in cool video arcade machines, which actually worked. You are given two game tokens in a chic little box upon entry, which you can redeem to play video games. Chanel-themed, natch.

The Bubble Game… play at your own peril. It’s apparently set at 100% grab rate, but let’s just say almost everyone there couldn’t score a ball! Myself included. I blame my utter lack of hand-to-eye coordination on the two glasses of champagne I had.

If I you grab a ball though, there are cute things like skin care samples, mini lip products, Chanel pins, etc.

And, of course, there are mirrors with beautiful lighting for trying on all their beauty products.

A close-up of just some of the items… everything on this tray (though there were more, but they didn’t fit on) is newly released for this event.

In addition, there are also several event-only exclusives that are NOT available anywhere else.

/cue internal fashionista scream.

Champagne… driving car racing game… selfie… more champagne… something something…

Hunter was bizarrely interested in my loot and eagerly checked it all out with me.. then wanted to be in the photo. This boy is so good with his fashion 😉

If you look closely, you’ll see the event-exclusive gifts, which vary depending on spending tier. There are pins, key chains, stickers, brooches, etc etc..

But this one is my favourite, the cutest little Chanel makeup pouch!

The entrance to the COCO Game Center event. The numbers are restricted when it opens to the public tomorrow (28 April), so there won’t be overcrowding and you’ll get personalised attention.


  1. Bring a crossbody bag and/or a small bag. There are lots of people moving around, and not much tabletop space. You need to have your hands free to play the games and play with all the beauty products.
  2. Do the catwalk. There is a roving ring-light camera that will take a Boomerang video of you, which you can email to yourself for free. too cute!
  3. Use your 2 tokens for the Bubble Game. OK, just my personal choice really, because you can win stuff to bring home. The video arcade machines are super fun, but you can’t win prizes. Psssst!! Smile like mad at a staff member, and they just might let you play the video arcade machine for free, without a token.
  4. Give yourself heaps of time to check out the beauty products. I was stunned at the selection, and all the new releases, and all the event exclusives. I wanted it allllllll, and spent ages trying to narrow it all down.
  5. Ask the beauty consultant what the reward tiers are. You get different (and very very exclusive) gifts with each tier, so make sure you ask to have a look at them, as it may affect your selection of products that you purchase.

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