Christmas OUR 2017 CHRISTMAS 28 December 2017

Merry Christmas to all of you, from our family to yours!

We celebrated our first Christmas as a family of five, so it’s been kinda special for us. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’m a mum of THREE kids!



Chloe in her lil “My First Christmas” Santa hat. She thoroughly enjoyed all the Christmas festivities, and the several parties we brought her to. She’s discovered how to rip wrapping paper apart, so that’s her favourite part (not the gift itself).

This little socialite loves attention and loves parties, so this time of the year was totally up her alley!



A wonderful pic of these cousins. it was just prior to present opening, so much kudos to them for sitting still long enough for us to snap this pic. My little Christmas elves.. I think they look adorable!



There was also a pre-school Christmas party that I initially had grand plans to dress up the kids for, channeling my inner Pinterest mum and creating fanciful costumes for them. But when it came down to the crunch, I never got round to doing it. A mixture of trying to juggle 3 kids.. life… etc.. etc.. and seriously, who has time for one-off stuff like that?!

So it was $2 costumes to the rescue, and we also brought homemade gingerbread to give to classmates. The boys had a terrific time, so I don’t feel the least bit guilty!



The most special part about our Christmas this year? Getting Chloe baptized. But this girl decided to be different…. and SCREAMED the entire way through. And I mean, SCREAMED. Boy, we must be well known at our church now! We woke her mid-nap to go on stage and she was not a happy camper. Screamed the entire 10 minutes that we were up there, then fell asleep once we got back to our seats. Shy and retiring, this girl is not.

I can’t quite believe that in a few days time, 2017 will come to an end! We will be celebrating my Dad’s birthday, Chloe turning 6 months, Hunter starting formal school….. just so much to process over the next few days.

I’ve always claimed that I only like life when it’s fast-paced and exciting. Well, I’m living it right now!



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