Beauty, Hunter, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Things my kids say... LIFE’S LITTLE QUOTES: Hunter’s infinite and limited patience 3 October 2016


I was shopping at Sephora (as usual!) and asked Hunter to wait for me at the cashier since I was almost done.

5 or 10 minutes later, I head over and see him standing there.. with one sales person fingering (yes, really) his eyelashes, and another sales person sniffing/nuzzling into his neck just below his ear.

“Erm……! What’s going on here?” I asked. I was rather surprised at this random make-out session with random women that I had stumbled upon.

The two girls smiled quickly and disappeared.

Later, I asked Hunter what in the world was going on.

“Oh, she was checking if my Mummy put mascara on my lashes”, he shrugged, “and the other one said she liked my baby smell”. 

“Was that OK with you?”, I asked, “You didn’t find it weird?”

“Nope”, he shrugged again. “They were nice. And pretty.”


Such a shame his infinite patience doesn’t extend to his brother, who would be whacked within five seconds of getting too close!



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