Family, Living in... Singapore A LITTLE KNOWN SECRET CALLED LAZARUS ISLAND 2 October 2016


It’s pretty unreal that this is taken in Singapore.. Oh those blue skies! The petite Lazarus Island is just a hop and a skip away and is about as deserted as you can get considering we’re still in Singapore.

The above was taken when I was on a private yacht that sailed from . But another time we went via a public cruise and that’s pretty convenient too.


Lazarus Island Singapore

The public cruise drops you off at St Johns island, and you simply walk across the walkway to Lazarus Island. It takes about 20-30mins to walk there, and there is zero shade, so bring your hats and sunblock! We also brought the kids’ scooters so we didn’t have to subject ourselves to “I’m tirrrreeeeeed” whinging 😉



Gorgeous views at Lazarus Island. This photo was taken at around 6pm and I reckon it’s the best time to go. It was absolutely deserted on a weekday evening and we had the whole beach to ourselves!


Lazarus Island Singapore

The water is super warm and there aren’t any waves, so it’s perfect for little kids.

Lazarus Island Singapore

It’s stinking hot on the beach at mid-day. And there is zero shade. So it’s actually a bit of a headache for all 3 of my boys, who have super light skin! I brought along our pop-up tent and it worked a charm, though you can see the mid-day sun doesn’t really cast much shadows so we could’ve done with even more shade.

The kids were content to sit on the sand and scoop for hours. I think we were there for about 4 hrs and they were so reluctant to pack up when we had to go.


Lazarus Island Singapore

The sand is super-fine along most of the beach, so you can walk up and down the entire beach and get some exercise. No complaints from the kids either, because they were so happy running around on the sand!



If you’re with bigger kids – I mean – adults, bring along a soccer ball or cricket ball and bat. There’s so much space on the beach, and it’s super nice to play during sunset, like we did!



That sunset. The cool breeze, deserted area, and pretty view made me feel like I was on a tropical holiday.



Our yacht, docked at Lazarus Island during sunset.

Chris chartered the same yacht for a bunch of overseas office mates and him this week. I’m so envious, I want to go on it again!



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