FOOD, My recipes MY RECIPE BOX: Balsamic-Macerated Strawberries with Basil 28 January 2016

0133a8b24023ab46cdfaa84deeb54d3f3057d46454So the thing about living in Singapore is that, whilst we have access to pretty much every fruit all year round, there’s a big struggle to find juicy sweet strawberries

Am I seriously the only person to think this? Every time I buy a punnet here, the strawberries are woefully small and not very sweet. Yes, I then proceed to douse them in icing sugar, but that sort of defeats the purpose of trying to be healthy, right?

Of course, there’s those fancy Japanese strawberries, or even the American ones. But they’re really pricey and… well… I’m stingy.



I found this recipe and figured I’d give it a go, since I had all the required ingredients. It takes about a minute to throw together, and 15 mins marinating in the fridge, so it’s easy peasy.



So these Balsamic-Macerated Strawberries with Basil are actually not bad! They make the strawberries sweeter than normal, which is good for those of you that don’t like tart fruit. Go easy on the balsamic, though. I went a bit nuts so my strawberries had a really strong whiff of balsamic.

But I liked how this recipe made my strawberries sweet, and gave the flavour a bit of a kick. Best served with vanilla bean ice cream!



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