Hunter, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE IT’S ALL OVER… 28 July 2015


Hunter discovered a game whilst we were in Switzerland. It’s called Skylanders and is a computer game, but like a million times more advanced than what I knew computer games to be.

This game involves having a ‘portal’ device that plugs into the Xbox. You buy these figurines (see them on the ground in the pic above), which you place on the portal, and they ‘appear’ in the game! So if you have two or more figurines, you can place them together on the portal, and it’s a two player game.

*head explodes*

The figurines must have some sort of chip inside that the portal can read, but I just find it incredibly cool that the toy is both a figurine, as well as a live character in the game.

And as you can see, Hunter loved it. LOVED IT. It was his first exposure to a proper computer game and, boy, was he thrilled!!



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