Beauty, Events 4D EYEBROW CLONING: The ‘After’ pics at Private Room 13 April 2015

Private Room eyebrow cloning


This is me, sporting my new eyebrows.

These are the ‘After’ pics, around one or so months after I did the 4D Eyebrow Cloning at Private Room.

I went back recently for a touchup (it’s included free), and so this is the final result. I SUPER LOVE how my eyebrows are infinitely more defined than the patchy and sparse brows I used to have, and I especially like the defined ‘hairs’ throughout.


Private Room eyebrow cloning

In the close-up above, you can see the defined ‘hairs’. What you need to be careful about with random beauty salons that do this is that, whilst they may be cheap, the quality of the dye is not as good so the colour either fades to a grey/blue/green shade after a few months, or the whole thing just fades off within a few months. Done properly, eyebrow cloning should last around 2 years.


Private Room eyebrow cloning

Another photo, taken with different lighting. I really like how my brows look groomed, but not too dark or fake looking. The arch is soft, so I don’t look too severe.  I pretty much like everything about it!


Private Room eyebrow cloning

But what I like most is looking quite done the moment I wake up in the morning. Zero need for eyebrow pencils, or worrying about whether it’s smudged during the day. I find that I don’t feel the need to use makeup as much, because I already looked groomed with my neat brows.

Here’s a little treat from Private Room:


Quote BEVERLY for $50 off 4D Eyebrow Cloning

(u.p $680, inclusive of free 1-time touchup worth $400 )

Phone: 9780 5901
Address: International Plaza, 10 Anson Road #03-14


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