Events THE NIGHTINGALE – by SRT’s The Little Company 7 September 2014


We’re at the tail end of one of the most epic weekends we’ve ever had. School holidays have just started in Singapore, so there’ve been almost 10 (!) events piled into this one weekend. Obviously we couldn’t hit each and every one (a total shame as they were all pretty awesome!), but we did manage to squish in a few… alongside doing last minute stuff pertaining to our new place’s renovations, which commence tomorrow – eek!!


It’s just been manic, and we are wiped.

But, we were delighted to be able to catch The Nightingale – a charming children’s play that’s a refreshing new take on Hans Christian Andersen’s well-loved fairy tale. Directed by Kate Golledge, The Nightingale is a joyful burst of song that reminds us all to appreciate and value the world around us.



The boys were VERY eager to begin, and strutted in there by themselves, like the owned the place 😉



The boys (big one included!) were mesmerized during the show, because of the simple theme and plot, and… well…. absolutely KICKASS singing and acting.

You know how sometimes you see productions, and you *cringe* a little in embarrassment, because the acting just ain’t so good? Yeah, I didn’t do so at all through the play. They were engaging, and just OTT enough to enrapture the children.

Most of all – their voices! Especially the Maid’s voice! GOODNESS!!!!!

She was really tiny, but the power in her voice was incredible. Her voice was golden, so clear and rich – I absolutely loved it. She was, hands down, the best singing voice I’ve ever heard in a children’s production.



The play only consisted of these 4 actors, and all of them carried the plot through. Even I was captivated and paid attention (I normally tune out a bit with kid’s plays!).



Just a lovely, candid moment 🙂 Having a bit of daddy-and-me time! Carter looks a bit like the abandoned child, but – I swear – he was happy sitting there watching by himself! He was trying to give us (and everyone near him) a running commentary of what was going on, so I guess he liked it too 🙂



The Nightingale is recommended for 3 – 8 year-olds.
Catch it at the DBS Arts Centre – Home of SRT from 1 Aug to 14 Sep 2014.

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Thanks for the review. Looks like I have to take my son there, after he could not wake up for his school’s visit to the musical last week and was quite upset about it.