Anniversary, Family, LOVE OUR 5TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY 9 August 2014


Despite my protestations, Chris surprised me with a chauffeured car ride to dinner on our wedding anniversary last night (8 Aug). From my perspective, it was a huge (and I mean, HUGE) waste of money for something that we could easily do ourselves, considering we have a car! From his perspective, he didn’t want the hassle of dealing with Singapore’s peak hour traffic, nor the hassle of looking for a taxi on a Friday night. I guess he won, because I found myself in the car 😛

The next surprise was when he handed the driver his iPod shuffle.

“Errmm. Are you trying to propose to me or something?”, I asked.

“Just sit back and listen!” 

He’d compiled a play list of my favourite lovey dovey songs, songs from our wedding, and he’d asked Dad for songs that him and Mum played growing up (the good ‘ol Golden Oldies!) to add to it. I must say the playlist was very impressive! I loved every one of the songs 🙂

Dinner was at Jaan, on the 70th floor.

Our French degustation dinner was simply… amazing. The food was exquisite and like nothing else we’ve ever had before, and the service was impeccable. I was so engrossed in our dinner date that I took a grand total of…… zero photos of the food. Each plate was served like a work of art. But I wanted to just chat and enjoy each other’s company, rather than fussing around trying to get “that perfect shot”. And so, for the first time for a very very long time, I tucked the camera and my iPhone in my bag, and just appreciated the moment.

It was worth it 🙂



We had a luscious Lana mocha cake to celebrate with the kids, thanks to Mum and Dad surprising us! The kids were the most delighted, I think, blowing out the candle over and over again 😉



And, since it’s 9 August today….. Happy 49th birthday, Singapore! 

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