Athens, Greece, HOLIDAYS, Santorini GREECE: did I go shopping? You bet I did! 11 July 2014


Bad angle alert.. I look like I’m selling Hunter for 20% off here!

But, yes, the shopping in Greece. Actually, it’s not that epic nor amazing. Mostly because I only had the opportunity to shop in bits and bobs – the kids aren’t all that obliging to let me wander through shops for hours, let alone try on clothes! But, I still made the most out of it 😛



Cute fedora hat for Hunter, since Carter and I have fedoras too. Hunter was very pleased with it and loves wearing it. It’s light and comfy, and was only 7 euros!! These fedora hats for kids and adults are sold everywhere in Santorini, so even if you forget to bring a hat, you’ll be able to buy one easily. Unless you have a gigantic head like Chris and not one single hat at every store will fit…



My MIL bought the boys matching I-am-a-total-tourist Santorini tees!  I like how the navy blue stands out against their skin, and the tees are really soft and thin and comfy – excellent for wearing to school. She also bought them these gorgeous white/blue linen shirts, which I LOVE because they’re so different (will never see anything like it in Singapore!).


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I absolutely could not resist this lightning bolt necklace. I’m really falling in love with black jewellery at the moment, just because it’s so different. The chain is ultra skinny, so it’s nice and dainty!


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I spotted these Haris Cotton champagne sandals in Santorini and snapped them right up. They’re a local Greek brand, so it was a nice little souvenir. They have gotten SO comfy with wear that I’m wearing them daily. They’re strappy and pretty, and match everything I wear!



A black ceramic watch from Folli Follie (told ya I’m really into black jewellery right now!). I’d never paid much attention to this brand, despite seeing their boutiques in Singapore.

So the funny story is – I was on Ermou St (their main shopping street), and randomly walked into the Folli Follie boutique. It was packed to the rafters with Asian people, BUYING LIKE CRAZY! Like their lives depending on it! Seriously, the cash registers were going off, the sales assistants were rushing around.

Of course, since *I* am Asian too, I felt like it was my duty to buy something too. I mean, every Asian in that store was buying! Can’t be the only weirdo!

So I found this watch!

It’s dainty, thin, and beautiful. I also found out that Folli Follie is a Greek brand, so it’s waaaay cheaper in Greece. Except my gf later discovered my watch going for 50% off in the Singapore boutique – argh. It was only on the white version though, not my black one, so I feel better.



This is about as *facepalm* touristy as you can get, but I don’t care. I like it! It’s a white cotton tunic, with turquoise sequins at the collar, and on the word “Greece” at the bottom hem. It looks nice with leggings and looks really crisp and clean, so I like it.



Ridiculously pretty, comfortable, and feminine white shorts! These are all beachy chic and ultra soft. There’s a really pretty swirled design on them (can’t really see in the photo) and they are a French brand, but since we were in Europe I figured that still counts as a souvenir 😛


I got a few other bits and bobs, but I can’t be bothered to photograph everything, so that’s enough for tonight… G’nite!


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