Carter, Hunter, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, School THE KIDS’ ART EXHIBITION 6 June 2014



Look at all those people there! All the families from our kids’ school’s various branches attended the School Art Exhibition at ReDot Fine Art Gallery.

It was decked out with all the kids’ art masterpieces.

Hunter’s class is the youngest class being displayed (Carter’s was held within school premises). The kids were ‘prepped’ earlier in the week by teachers to be able to talk about their artwork, and the fact that their art would be in an awesome proper art gallery for their Mummies and Daddies to see (the kids were soooo proud about this!!).

We were presented with a brochure with Hunter’s photo on it (with him holding his artwork). Then, it was off to go check out his artwork in real life! We were super excited!



But then I walked past the nibblies table and found out they not only had delicious treats to eat but also full-sized glasses of wine they were handing out willy nilly.

Obviously, I got myself a fine glass of chilled white, to wander around the gallery with 🙂



And… TADAHHHH!!! Hunter’s masterpiece: Claw The Crab.

He named his masterpiece himself 😉



Here’s a closeup of Claw The Crab. Can you make it out? 😉

Apparently, the splodge of red signifies “where the water ends”. Claw is painted in green, because that’s Hunter’s favourite colour and so crabs are green in HunterLand.

With white eyes.

With no pupils.

And they look suspiciously more like a slime blob than an actual crab.




We oooohed and ahhhhed and took photos posing with it. We were soo proud! Yay Hunter!

They also had a projector going on, flashing up photos of each kid and the quotes they were making whilst doing their artwork. And this was Hunter’s:



Finally, a photo of him and his beloved teacher. Hats off to all teachers out there that teach 3 year olds. I sure wouldn’t!!



And then we had Carter’s art exhibition, held within school grounds because he’s in the littlest Playgroup class.

Here’s Chris and I pondering his masterpiece 😉



He was very obliging and proudly stood in front of his painting for me to take a pic!



Can you guess what he painted? 

He was the only kid in the class that refuses to use a stencil to paint, and insisted on doing free-hand painting instead. Gah. Thus his masterpiece looks a lot sloppier and not as ‘nice’ as the other kids’…. but we didn’t care. WE LOVED IT!!!! Yay Carter! 

ArtworkCarter03 ArtworkCarter04


I personally found Carter’s quotes kinda hilarious.. like some sort of (very random) stream of consciousness.


I also attended both their Parent Teacher Meetings this week. It was relatively uneventful, as I already knew what would be said (I’m no stranger to my own kids). For record’s sake, here they are:

HUNTER: Hunter is an independent and self-motivated learner. He is a fluent speaker who uses a wide range of vocabulary in his daily conversations. He enjoys having a good time with his friends and sharing a good laugh together, however he may need reminders and 1-to-1 support when dealing with conflicts. In time, we look forward to support Hunter in his development in this area through positive reinforcements and role-modelling of good social skills such as sharing and taking turns. With the ability to grasp concepts in math easily, Hunter is able to apply his knowledge daily through his imediate experieneces quite spontaneously too.

CARTER: Often chirpy and friendly, Carter is well-liked by his peers. He finds great pleasure in music and movement and enjoys singing and dancing. His strength lies in the areas of language and communication in which he currently makes attempts to engage in conversations with both his teachers and peers. It is a great pleasure to have Carter in the Playgroup class and we look forward to see more from him.

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Carter uses his free-hand to smear the paint? My niece refuses to do that, her mama tried to get her to put one finger in the paint and all hell breaks loose.

Hunter is like that too 🙂

Carter used both his hands and also free-hand painting with a paintbrush (ie without using the brush to paint using a stencil)