We were invited to preview the new KidsSTOP™ several weeks ago, and it is newly opened this week. Owned by the Science Centre, this stand-alone building is catered for the younger crowd – aged 18 months to 8 years old.

To put it succinctly, in my opinion KidsSTOP is a fantastic hands-on play area and learning centre for young kids… however at astronomically high prices (and, IMHO, slightly deceiving ‘membership’).

Let me elaborate: the regular Science Centre has a membership card, where once purchased, allows you free entry as many times as you wish during that period.

KidsSTOP is owned by the Science Centre, also calls it a ‘membership’, but charges entry rates ON TOP OF the membership fee.

This was not made clear very early on, though now the additional entry fees are listed clearly on their website and at the venue itself. Thus, many people I know signed up months ago, only to be “caught out” by the additional entry fees (they understandably thought ‘membership’ meant the same thing as in the Science Centre and most other attractions around Singapore).

If you factor in the membership fee, AND the additional per-entry fees for the kids, AND additional per-entry fees for the adults (I actually cannot understand why adults are also charged – no play gym in the country has ever done this to my knowledge), AND an even higher price on weekends. This makes the price to enjoy KidsSTOP is actually prohibitively high for most families.

Every single parent I’ve spoken to has expressed disdain or annoyance about both the misleading ‘membership’, as well as the sky high additional entry fees.

That said, the interior of KidsSTOP is fantastic and a lot of fun – excellent for young children. My kids adored it!

This is what you’re greeted with once you enter – a bonafide kids wonderland.

KidsStop02 KidsStop03


Unsurprisingly, my two boys were stuck in the Construction Zone. Even when cajoled to go out and check out other things, they would run back to this area after a couple of minutes!

Filled with balls, toy machines, and lots of moving parts to inspect and play with.. it’s any mechanical-minded kids’ dream.

KidsStop04 KidsStop05


There is an area that’s all about aeroplanes and flight machines. The ‘flight simulator’ was one of the most popular attractions for all the kids there – especially the boys!

KidsStop06 KidsStop07 KidsStop08


Get ready to be super impressed with their Supermarket area. There is a HUGE selection of ‘food’! The attention staff are super switched on and jump in to help out the kids, or tidy up the area.

Though, please ask your kids to put everything back once they pull the stuff off the shelves. We saw SO many parents just not bothering when leaving the area with their kid – simply leaving all the food toys strewn all over the place! Kids learn from your example – a parent that has a can’t-be-arsed and self-entitled attitude simply brings up their kid to be that same type of poorly mannered adult.

(sorry for sounding like a total nag there! But it really does irk me when I see behaviour like this!)



There were loads of other activities and sections to check out. We didn’t manage to check out the whole place, nor did I manage to photograph a lot of the area, because I was too busy chasing after the kids!

KidsStop10 KidsStop11


In the entrance area, look up and you’ll see a moving train going round and round the ceiling. Hunter was entranced by this… to the point that he was so busy looking upwards that he tripped down a flight of stairs! Fortunately it was only 3 steps, but it did give him a nasty shock…



There is also a playground in the entrance area. It’s just a small slide and only accommodates about 4 kids, tops. But, it provides good entertainment for the little ones.

KidsStop13 KidsStop15 KidsStop14


There is some serious fun to be had at KidsSTOP. We were impressed with the place, but wish KidsSTOP would revisit their ‘membership’ and additional entry fees, so the majority of people in Singapore can afford to go more frequently.

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Such a pity! I wanted to check it out two weeks ago, but went 2 days before it officially opened. I had a corporate membership which meant it was free to enter Science Centre, but I figured that they would also charge additional fees, just like what you have mentioned. With two kids (4.5 and 2 years), it was difficult to explore the whole place. I would probably only bring one kid in the future if I do go there.

I’m with you. it’s tough with 2 young kids.. best to go with an extra adult or just one kid at a time! almost everyone i’ve spoken to wants a fee reduction of at least 50%, if not entirely waived like the Science Centre does (ie. only pay membership) 😉

Thanks for the heads up leading into the Supermarket area – it really is impressive!! Whoever thought of that full experience for the kids is a genius. So cute how your boys are grocery shopping together.

The only positive part is that toddlers below 18 mths go in free. At least that was what was communicated on Facebook. Very conflicting answers given on Facebook vs visitor centre. Better bring birth cert in case.

There’s more… kidsstop only announced recently that members are not allowed to enter before noon (b4 noon restricted to school visits only) plus entry is not whole day play. All these chg were not made before sign up which is terrible.

From what I’ve heard, everyone seems to love the play area. It’s just the huge fees and limitations that are frustrating.

It’s a bummer. I do hope they reconsider and follow the same approach as the Science Centre (and almost every single attraction in Singapore!).

It’s a shame that the rules have changed so dramatically (with new additions cropping up here and there). I do think that the fees-upon fees-upon fees approach will prohibit a great number of Singaporeans from being able to revisit again.