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Mum and Dad scooted off to France last month! Chris and I were sooooo envious because we LOVED our time in France (this was when I was pregnant with Hunter), and we still remember our trip to this day.

But, they did come home with a little souvenir for me so I was super delighted! And feeling quite loved! It’s the Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir mini crossbody bag (whew what a mouthful) – a little bag that I’ve been eyeing since it was released a few months ago.



The above pic has made the colour, which is supposed to be platinum, an odd green-tinged shade. It’s more of a champagne colour, and the photo below captures it better.



It’s made of gorgeous, ultra soft, and ultra lightweight lambskin and goatskin. It feels and smells divine!! I like the tight stitching and the little slouch the bag has.



It looks small, but does pack in quite a bit. I have:

  1. large wallet
  2. packet of tissues
  3. hair comb
  4. lip balm
  5. compact camera

The bag isn’t stuffed to the bring with those things, and doesn’t look bulging from the outside.

What I also find really cute is that the zip opens up BEHIND the bag. A nifty design feature if you’re worried about people unzipping your bag easily. The front button-flap pocket is the perfect size to house an iPhone 5.



Best of all, the strap is completely adjustable!! It disappears into the inside of the bag, where it’s stopped by a knot. So you simply need to pull the strap inwards, tie a higher knot, and voila! Bag changes from a crossbody, to a shorter shoulder strap bag. Or even a little hand-held bag.

A BRILLIANT design feature especially if you’re short like me, and bag straps are never the right length.


There are a ton of colours, but I like my platinum colour because it’s very neutral and versatile. I’ve been using it daily, to the extent of ignoring all my other bags. Which reminds me, I should pop it back into my bag closet for awhile so my other bags can come out and get some use!

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