Events BEAUTY CLEANSE – will I die of starvation? 7 April 2014


See those babies right there?

I’M GOING ON A FREAKIN’ JUICE DETOX WITH BEAUTY CLEANSE!! That’s 3 full days of nothing else but drinking 18 juice bottles (ie. 6 bottles a day). I start tomorrow.

Okay… stop laughing now.

When I tried explaining this to my friends, the reactions ranged from full-blown Laughing My Ass Off to dubious concern.

“How can YOU, of all people, do a juice cleanse?”, some asked, doubtfully.

“This is like watching a train wreck. Bring on the popcorn!”, someone else gleefully said.

*speechless*, went most people.

I actually felt the same when I was invited to do this 3-day juice detox challenge. ME? Of all people? I’ve seen heaps of people write about this juice detox, but let’s face it, they’re all skinny girls – all healthy living, little eating, frequently exercising kinda people. And they all went on and on about how they were totally not hungry and it was all a cinch. I simply don’t identify with any of these girls – and fully expect to die of starvation.

As a girl friend said, “OH MY GOD. I’m gonna watch all this with morbid fascination. ‘Cos if YOU can do it, anybody can.”

We’ll see how we go 😉

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

You’ll do fine. I was skeptical of juice cleanses at first too, but I found that I was more energetic … and I lost weight … they’re great way to jump start or reset eating habits. I now just do a 1 day cleanse once in a blue moon. Here we have Blueprintcleanse and PressedJuicery.

Good luck!

Actually yeah, a few people told me they get a huge energy burst on Day 3. Hurray! And I agree, it’s not a totalweight loss solution but rather to learn and jump start good eating habits..