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Did your eyes completely BUG OUT when you saw the photo above?

If not, you’re probably not Hunter 😉

He freaaaakkkked!!!!!

I’ve been meaning to bring the kids to Tiong Bahru’s playground for ages now – almost two years. But it’s sooooo far for us to get there, so I kept procrastinating. Now that we’ve been, we probably need to go back, again and again!

How cool is the wooden train playground?

TiongBahruPlayground02 TiongBahruPlayground03 TiongBahruPlayground04 TiongBahruPlayground05


The playground has 4 slides, all of them roughly the same size. The kids had a BLAST!

And…. errr… so did I.

TiongBahruPlayground06 TiongBahruPlayground07 TiongBahruPlayground08 TiongBahruPlayground09 TiongBahruPlayground10


There’s also a little maze thing for kids to run through, and a huge merry go round, old school style.



And, um, HELLO……. Hunter walked on sand!!!!


It was kinda hilarious. He was sooooo torn when we arrived, and he saw that sand was between him and the glorious TRAIN. I could practically see the cogs in his head whirring away, as he debated internally with himself. In the end, the love for trains won and he braved walking on the sand 😉

TiongBahruPlayground13 TiongBahruPlayground14


We had such a fab time at the Tiong Bahru playground! And it’s free! 😀


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Let's Chat!

That is a really cool train structure! Did you take all these pics with your phone? Some great perspectives.