FOOD, My recipes COOKING UP AN OSSO BUCO 24 March 2014

On a whim, I decided to cook up an Osso buco, because our family really loves our stews (kids AND adults!) and it’s super easy to make.

If you don’t know what Osso buco is, it’s basically a veal and vegetable stew, that cooks for hours. It’s delicious!

Except…. it was proving kinda hard to find osso buco at regular supermarkets in Singapore. I didn’t have time to go to the butcher, so I swapped it for oxtail. It worked! I used Jamie Oliver’s osso buco recipe (it’s REALLY easy).

This is the yummy stew, before the lid went on, and it got whacked into the oven to slow-cook for a couple of hours:



And our finished product!

Pics of my homemade dishes never turn out well because we have dim yellow lighting at home, so sorry about that. It was good though. And the veggies were super soft and tasty 🙂

It was served on some creamy mash potato. YUMMY!



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