Man… I’m struggling with the whole blogging thing lately.

Not so much because I have nothing to talk about (I’m a yakker. I always have something to talk about.) but more like I am hardly ever home and sans kids (basically this can only occur at night after dinner and before my bedtime) to churn through my hundreds of photos on my camera and come up with something cohesive to write about.

So here’s a sneaky little take-iphone-pics-and-pass-off-as-legit-blogging post. It sorta works, right??


Anyway. I discovered the brand Tulola a while back, when I was at one of those markets/fairs. Their delicate gold jewellery captivated me and I fell in love with these simple-but-pretty stud earrings, that are in the shape of a leaf. So sweet, right?

And a pretty necklace from French brand Alexandra Margnat. It was in shades of turquoise, coral pink and gold. And it was skinny. And delicate.

I caved 🙂

Catherine Preston was another discovery at a recent fair. Her creations charmed me because they’re simple but eye-catching. She does round gemstones set in silver or gold, and I went for the Labradorite in yellow gold because it was just a bit different to the usual light-coloured stuff I wear.

And just a pic of my favourite colour combo, plus lots of sparkle! Alexandra Margnat beaded bracelet, Hanna Lee mother of pearl bracelet, Swarovski bracelet.

Alright, that is all. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. It was my Mum’s birthday!!!! 🙂 We took her out to Bank Bar & Bistro for brunch.

And we were surprised by a photo of Carter at the entrance – haha!

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

You’re not the only one. The death of blogs has been talked about a lot. People have less time to read them and bloggers are less motivated to write. I keep giving up and then returning for a short burst of posts then fade again. It’s not like the old days. But hey, it’s a great problem to have – having such a full life that it’s hard to find time to actually write about it. Merry Christmas from London!