Christmas, Family CAROLS IN THE DOMAIN FOR CHRISTMAS 23 December 2013

Carols in the Domain was such a big thing when we were living in Sydney. It’s sheer madness getting in/out of the area, not to mention you’re subject to the wind and the rain (should the weather take a turn for the worse), but somehow, hundreds of thousands of people still descend upon it to celebrate Christmas and sing carols together.

We’ve done the in-person thing, and we’ve done the watch-it-on-TV thing. What we haven’t done is watch it on TV…. in a different country – Singapore!

My very alert and switched-on Dad was the one that told us that Carols in the Domain was being screened live on the Australia Network, so we decided to make it a whole family shinding and invite my parents over for a “picnic”! We simply sat down in our living room, turned on the TV (the kids were mesmerized, they rarely get TV!) and had a simple picnic right there.

We cut open some croissants, stuffed them with some BBQ chook (that we bought cooked at the grocery shop), lettuce and tomatoes, and slices of creamy Brie cheese.

Plus chips and salsa.

Plus red wine.

Plus white wine.

Ohhhhh it was lovely! 🙂

CarolsDomain01 CarolsDomain02

Famous singers make appearances during the 2.5 hour show, and some come on stage to perform as well. We were sooooooooooo excited to see The Wiggles!!! It was the ‘new’ Wiggles, but good enough, Hunter and Carter loved it.

Here’s Carter shaking his booty to The Wiggles. Show pony, this one..


A must-watch video… especially the very end (sorry Hunter!!)

Baby dance a go go!

CarolsDomain04 CarolsDomain05

Considering it ended at 8PM and we still had to do bathtime, it’s safe to say we totally blew out the kids’ bedtime. They are normally tucked into bed by 7:15PM but went to bed over an hour later instead. They did manage to hold their sanity together though, whew!!

Though things did get kinda wild toward the end….

CarolsDomain06 CarolsDomain07 CarolsDomain08 CarolsDomain09

I’m glad we made the effort to pull together our little TV-picnic and watch Carols in the Domain. I think we’ll be doing this every year from now on 🙂

Ahhhh yes, Christmastime is near 🙂

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