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Frankly, we haven’t been having the best of times with Hunter lately.

He’s been very defiant (what is it with kids and their desperate desire to say “no” to everything?), easily frets, and has just been a real pain in the ass.

And last week, he just started to have tantrums… sometimes multiple times a day. Full-blown screaming and just purposely doing everything to get himself into trouble. It was awful!

I got to a stage where I’d just beΒ spent by the end of the day.. and I even told Chris one evening that I was actually dreading waking up the next morning and having to face him again. I feel guilty writing this here, since it was a very private thought (and society kinda doesn’t like mums saying stuff like that, you know?).. but it was true. I did feel it.

But, suddenly, two days ago, I had an AMAZING DAY-DATE out with the kid.

It was a day-date between Hunter and Mummy, and we had soooo much fun!

We started off with his Holiday Playschool program, which ran for two hours and he was pretty well behaved, well engaged, and played well with others. I didn’t need to watch him like a hawk or do any sort of Time Out for naughty behaviour.

After that, we had a very nice and peaceful lunch with a friend, where he ate super well and was (in general) a well-mannered young gentleman.

He then easily and quickly went for a nap in his stroller, which left us time to walk around the city and shop πŸ˜›

Then I headed to Chris’ office with him, where he woke up and we all had a nice little afternoon tea together. Of ice cream!

As a treat, I took him on this little choo choo train ride around Vivocity. He loved it!

And then we headed to the Mothercare shop – one of his all-time favourite places because it’s just like one giant playground to him.

We caught a cab home with Daddy as well, and Hunter sat still and belted up in the cab, and the three of us just chattered away the whole ride home.

We got home, and popped both kids into bed, and they promptly fell asleep by themselves without a peep.


I think Hunter needed and wanted the alone time with me. Just a special little day-date between us. He chatted with me with an understanding and depth beyond what I thought he was capable of, and he was just so well-behaved it was like having an adult friend hang out with me.

I had a little cry later that night. For feeling so guilty that I was so resentful of him for the past few days, because he was being so annoying. And for having such a sweet day with my sweet boy, that I want to write this down so I will remember it and treasure it.

Because, sometimes, in our haste for him to grow up and “be a good boy” and someone that “should know better cos you’re older”… I forget that, really, he’s just a little kid that’s not even 3 years old yet.

Oh the simple pleasures of…. ICE CREAM!


Riding the choo choo train


Shopping up a storm at Mothercare… with no money



No money? No problem! Imaginary money works… apparently..


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I completely understand how you feel… I am also totally exhausted after spending a day with my kiddo. The problem is I have only one kid and the phase he is in is so difficult. I felt bad having to yell at him -_-

I guess the phase must pass and we must love the good over the bad right, or people won’t keep having more children after the 1st one! πŸ˜‰

Yup, thumbs up to you for being able to cope with 2 kiddos and staying at home to look after them. I am never able to do that πŸ˜›

Thanks for sharing B, you definitely make motherhood seem more real! I’ve had days where I dread the next day-especially when I’m sleep deprived lol-so don’t feel bad about it. I’m glad you had a lovely date with Hunter, the pics are awesome! Just curious-how long does he nap in his stroller for? Is that different from how long it is if he were home in his bed?

I’m with you.. sometimes I feel so drained (emotionally). A feeling I never experienced before pre-kids. But, the good times are wonderful. Fortunately!!

He naps 1.5-2hrs, either in stroller or at home.

I definitely find that Lexi is much more manageable when she has time with me. Because I work so much I find her so difficult when I *am* with her, but when we get plenty of one-on-one time together, she’s a breeze. Poor love.

Awww..Bev I so totally identify with this. Sometimes I forget that Tabby is only 4.5 or that Isy is not even 3 yet (altho he looks easily 3.5) and I expects so much out of them! *wipes a tear*

Need to repent! thank you for your very nice and honest post!

Tabby is sooooo mature for her age too, so I think it’s easy to forget!! But yes, I think sometimes we’re a bit hard on our older ones, always going “act your age” and “you should know better” etc etc. Sometimes I wonder if they even understand what those phrases mean…….

Thanks for sharing Bev! I know you feel. I’ve been thinking of going on a date with Sammy too cos he’s been acting out as well, but Gabriel is still too young & breastfed, so I can’t “outsource” him to anybody yet. But yeah, what you said at the end about Hunter being just a kid who’s not 3 years old yet really resonated with me.

I really do think our older kids really grow up a bit too soon, once the younger kid arrives. So much is expected of them, yet they haven’t even been on this earth for 3 years yet….

I totally agree with you. I’m thinking maybe its also cos there’s a close age gap between the first and second kid, so that’s why the older one acts up?? Maybe when a kid is older, they are better able to understand the concept of having a sibling / being a role model etc.

But then again, I think a kid can act up at any stage, regardless of the age of one’s sibling.