Uncategorized SMASH! GOES MY CAR… 8 October 2013

This, my friends, is the result of my car having a disagreement with a truck.

By “my car”, I actually mean my parents car. Yep, I crashed someone else’s car *facepalm*

And by “disagreement with a truck”, I actually mean I rammed smack into the back of a poor truck.


This is what happens when you’re driving distracted on the roads. Something that I always considered so silly, and something that I always thought would never happen to me because I am an alert driver. I was driving in the morning with Carter in the back seat, and turned round the corner to a two-lane road. The right lane had a straight-and-right-turn arrow and a car ahead stopped to turn. The truck behind it (that I was following) hit his brakes hard to stop, and I didn’t hit mine hard enough.

It was my fault because, at that time, I was singing with Carter to keep him amused. In the baby mirror, I saw him chewing on something and couldn’t figure out what it was. I turned my head around for a split second to see he was chewing on the metal part of a spare seat belt (ewww) and when I turned back, I saw the truck stop, but I couldn’t brake in time.

To be honest, it wasn’t a major crash – not like we were thrown forward much or anything. But, it was enough for the front hood of the car to crumple all the way up! It folded up like a piece of paper right in front of my eyes.

The truck driver came out and I got out of the car going “OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I’M SO SORRY I HIT YOU!!!” and he was super duper nice. Actually, there were 5-6 other guys in the back of the truck too, and all of them got out and asked me how I was and wanted to check Carter was OK.

The truck driver assessed his damage and there was pretty much none. So he just drove off, wishing me luck, and with me apologising my head off (OH GEEZ I FELT BAD! I would be so annoyed if someone rammed into my butt, and I was amazed he was calm and so sweet about it).

As for me? Almost $3,000 worth of damages to the car. And car-less for a week.Β *cringe*

What an (expensive) lesson learnt………..

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Tk you. We are fine ; )

Even though u r a mother of two sons but to yr parents u r always their little gal….u entitle for anything & everything from them ; )

Hello Beverly, car accidents are dreadful but as long as everyone is ok that’s the most important thing. Glad you were both not hurt. By the way that’s a very classy reply to the not very nice comment above.

Tk God u and Carter are ok.

I had a minor car accident two wks ago.

Called my hb. The 1st thing he asked ‘ Is our princess ok?’ Hahaha….I also need his hug too ;p.

I hope you post this & not delete it. So issit you & hub gonna pay or your poor dad mum again?

Thanks for your nosiness, but I am paying, though my parents would pay too if I didn’t stop them.

This is because I am extremely blessed with parents that think nothing of paying for me, for anything. There is no need to be envious or spiteful about this fact about someone else’s life that has zero to do with you – you are better than that.

I am a lurker on your blog and have enjoyed your posts. I do think that you’re very blessed materially. And I am happy that you have also been blessed with grace. You are right – We can behave better and be more gracious to each other.