Beauty LIP TAR FROM BELLABOX 16 October 2013

“Obsessive compulsive”? Why, that sounds about right.


I was very busy.. errr… online shopping a couple of weeks ago. I chanced upon Lip Tar from Bellabox and saw really good reviews online, so I snapped it up.

Since having kids, I just don’t have the time (or can be bothered) to swipe on lipstick. Lipstick needs to be applied carefully or you’ll end up looking like a weirdo, and it comes off within an hour or two anyway.

Lipgloss just annoys the hell outta me. It lasts all of 5 mins, makes me smack my lips together to “check that the lipgloss is still there” (which obviously wears it off even faster!), and more often than not has a weird texture.

Lipbalm gets a big thumbs up from me because it’s practical, makes my lips feel good, and is easy to whack on. Except the good, truly moisturising ones are usually almost colourless.

So I like using a lip stain + lip balm combination!

This little doozy called Lip Tar from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is such a winner. It comes in a squeezy tube (so hygenic!), and with a little lip brush. All packed into a small zip lock pouch. Too cute.

I picked the colour “Super NSFW”. OK, you can stop laughing now if you get the reference!

The colour is a beautiful deep rose/red, with subtle shimmer. Not glitter, but a soft shimmer. It’s really lovely on the lips and doesn’t give that ‘flat’ look that many lipstains give (because they dry so matte).

And it lasts…. FOR AGES!!!!

It can take me through half a day’s worth of talking, eating and drinking. I apply it, wait for it to set (a couple of seconds), then swipe on a clear lipbalm. And I’m done. All you need is a teeny tiny dot of lip stain, and it’s enough to cover your whole lips. I think this is gonna last me ages.

I’m pretty picky about my lip stains, as normally they’re very drying or too matte on me. But I’m loving this one and have been using it exclusively for almost two months now 🙂

I tried buying it online, but realised that after factoring in shipping, buying it off Bellabox worked out the same price, if not cheaper! They have a whoooole bunch of colours too, I spent ages deciding but I still reckon Super NSFW is the best for me.

What’s your fave lip stain? Just sussing out if there are other equally fabulous lip stains out there 😉


(apologies for that gigantic up-nostril shot in the photo above. Not my most attractive angle but hey, I was trying to take a photo of my lips!)


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

You completely echo my sentiments regarding lipstick/gloss/balm etc. I have yet to try a lip stain though, looking forward to checking the Lip Tar out!

Hi Bev,
This lip stain sounds lovely! My favourite lip stain at the moment is from YSL, comes in pretty yummy colours and yes…..they last for ages too!!