FOOD, Food reviews FOOD REVIEW: Summerlong @ Robertson Quay (again!) 13 October 2017


We’ve been to Summerlong about… erm… 5 times or so, since they opened in our neighbourhood. Both of us rank it as one of favourites – if not THE favourite – restaurant in Singapore. Great atmosphere by the river, super friendly service, and amazing food. Need we ask for more?

You can read about one of our previous visit to Summerlong here.

We recently went back again to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday! I like how it’s outdoors (though there is undercover dining), so I don’t feel guilty if my kids are noisy, yet the decor is pretty enough for the restaurant to be considered more up market than a simple cafe.


Summerlong at Robertson Quay
Lemon & Garlic Hummus with Lebanese minced lamb ($10)

The Lemon & Garlic Hummus with Lebanese minced lamb is a staple starter for us. It’s irresistible and one of the best hummus I’ve had. That said, I wish they were a bit more generous with the homemade pita triangles, and served double the amount.


Summerlong at Robertson Quay
Chargrilled Octopus, parsnip, garlic, honey ($19)

I’m not big on eating octopus, but I adore Summerlong’s version. It’s incredibly tender and moist, with a slight spring to its bite. This fresh, brightly flavoured dish is total must-order!


Summerlong at Robertson Quay
Fried Calamari with Green Chermoula & Arugula ($17)

Summerlong’s beachside vibe just screams ‘order calamari’, IMHO! And their Fried Calamari with Green Chermoula & Argula is delicious. They remove that weird stringy bit (so eloquent of me, I know) in the calamari, so you don’t end up with it either stuck in between your teeth, or pulling out between the calamari and your mouth if you take a bite.

The calamari is tender, juicy, and the batter is nice and crisp. Delicious!


Summerlong at Robertson Quay
Greek Style Burratina, tangerine, coriander, honey ($16)

I’ve already waxed lyrical about the Greek Style Burratina, tangerine, coriander, honey ($16) in my previous review, so no need to repeat myself. It’s wonderful. Get it!


Summerlong at Robertson Quay
Cyprus Style Meatballs

The Cyprus Style Meatballs are available as a sharing plate, or as a smaller size on the kid’s menu. It’s extremely kids friendly and I highly recommend it if your kids are into meatballs.

The golf-ball size meatballs are tender, and come slathered in a rich and creamy roasted tomato gravy. It’s nothing special, yet somehow hits the spot. Wonderful comfort food.


Summerlong at Robertson Quay
Charred Eggplant, confit garlic, tomato, young basil ($10)

I never knew an eggplant-based dish could look so pretty until we had Summerlong’s version. The dark, charred slices of eggplant are really moist, and contrast so well with the bright red tomatoes and wafer thin slices of fried garlic. Who knew vegetarian food could be THIS good?!


Summerlong at Robertson Quay
Mediterranean Smoked Pork Ribs ($32)

How enticing does the Mediterranean Smoked Pork Ribs ($32) look?! The ribs are smoked, so exude a lovely charred flavour, yet are still tender when eaten. The ribs are studded with dukkah, which adds a complementary nutty flavour to the meat.

The dish is beautifully presented with a scattering of herb leaves and pomegranate seeds, so it really makes quite a sight to behold when it arrives at the table. For the price, however, you’d expect 8 ribs and not 4….



Chloe enjoyed hanging out and people watching as we had dinner.. then drifted off to sleep on my mum-in-law’s shoulder while we eating. What a blissful life!





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