Friends, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Living in... Singapore A LITTLE POOL PLAYDATE 16 September 2013

Hunter and Carter, and their two little girl friends got together for a fairly impromptu pool playdate last week. The weather was sunny and terrific, so the kids had a grand ‘ol time splashing around in the water!

And thankfully, both Hunter and Carter can be left alone in the big pool or baby pool (ie. no one needs to be in the pool holding them) as long as they have their floaties on, so it’s actually pretty easy taking both kids down for a swim by myself now.

And they loved seeing their friends!

My water baby


Froggy-kicking his way around the pool

Love this pic, Hunter looks like he’s totally checking her out 😉


She smiles on demand. And a super cute smile at that!!


Little sweetheart so delighted with her pasta salad


Hunter, making strange faces


A very exhausted Carter, after swimming so much


The boys popped over later after work, and we had a quick and cheerful dinner by the pool. What a nice and relaxing way to spend a mid-week day!


Carter can also jump into the pool all by himself now. He sits himself at the ledge, them simply *plops* in. I personally find it SQUEE-INDUCING!! Also very proud of him that he has pretty good water confidence 🙂

Carter splashing into the water – my brave lil one!


And just a random little video of Carter walking. He looks like a drunk zombie, does he not?! I love the stage when they are juuuuust starting to walk. They look so awkward and their penguin walk is the cutest. They’ve even cute when they fall onto their butts cos they’re still so clumsy!

Drunk zombie alert!

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