Copenhagen, Family COPENHAGEN: OUT AND ABOUT 4 July 2013

The really odd thing about Copenhagen is that…… I’m pretty sure the weather there is schizophrenic/bipolar. We would often have 4 seasons in one day! It’s technically summertime there (June), but the temperature is all over the place.

It’ll be so sunny and warm that you’ll peel off all your clothing and be perfectly happy wandering around in a sleeveless tee…. then suddenly it’ll be dark and raining and you’ll be freezing your ass off. But pop indoors and walk around for an hour or so and, voila!, back to sunny and warm outside again.

It happened almost every day and left us rather confused. I ended up wearing mostly shorts (partly due to the fact that I haven’t worn any long pants/jeans in years and have no idea where I’ve stored them at home), with tees… and layering with a jacket when it got cold.

And when it rained? We just got wet. The kids had rain covers on their strollers, thankfully, so they stayed warm and dry.

Speaking of strollers, because I’m always asked online and offline where I got mine from, I’ll share it here. They’re the Babyzen yoyo strollers, and I bought them from Mothercare. They are BY FAR the best stroller I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Very sturdy and smooth… yet compact and lightweight. It actually folds up to go into the plane as cabin luggage, believe it or not! Try a google search and you’ll see loads of pictures and videos of it – be prepared to get your socks knocked off.

So far, friends have purchased around 5-6 of these Babyzens and no one has any complaints. Highly recommended if you’re after a top-notch compact stroller that’s comfortable (Hunter naps 2 hours in his every day).

Here they are!

Chilling in their Babyzen yoyos


When the icy wind blew, it was really coooooldddd!!!


And when the sun was out, it was glorious 🙂


We did lots of pottering around…


…and enjoyed walking through the pedestrian streets lined with shops 🙂


Gorgeous architecture!


We even visited a castle! Rosenborg Castle, to be exact. Built with red brick and sandstone, it’s pretty impressive, with lush gardens surrounding it. We got to breathe in loads of fresh air, which was probably the best part, considering it was when Singapore was in the depths of it’s haze problem!

Crossing the moat into the castle


I’m not even sure what happened here!


The looming Rosenborg Castle


Roaming the gardens outside


Yet another one of Hunter’s trademarked poses for the camera


Wandering the streets of Copenhagen surburbia


My happy munchkin at dusk




Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Hi, I have a 3 year and 18 months old boy. We still have the bugaboo cameleon right now. We go on vacation every year and like to walk around also in evenings. So I guess I need a second buggy. I like the jojo looks easy to travel by plane. Till what age could i use it? Many thanks for your advice.

You’ll have to check on their own website to find out the age it can be used to. For us, Hunter is just over 3 years old and still uses it!


I have the Bugaboo 3, also the Baby zen as I wanted something lighter! I am getting used to it because the Bugaboo is so sturdy in comparison. I wanted to ask what accessories you are using there – I can see your baby in some kind of pouch thing, also black cover and something on the handlebars (shopping basket?)

I hope to take the Babyzen with me to Paris but not sure if the airline will let us take it on, I hope so!


i only noticed you originally had the Combi well comfort. May i ask why did you switch to Bugaboo/babyzen? 🙂

Hi Beverly, do you have pictures of Hunter sleeping 180deg on the Babyzen?
my daughter is 18 mos and i feel shes outgrowing the Combi well comfort as her legs dangle out when laying flat at 180deg.
Im for a new stroller that would fit her comfortably:)

i’m not sure if I do… you could go back into all my previous entries and see, but there are heaps!

Both my kids’ legs def dangle out of the Babyzen when they sleep. I think most strollers are like that unless they are particularly giant in size 😉 Doesn’t seem to annoy them though, Hunter easily sleeps for 2 hrs in his!

Beautiful pics & loving the BabyZen YoYo – thinking to buy one myself for my little one! I just have a question about hanging your bags/diaper bag off the handle – is there any fear of the stroller tipping oveR without the baby in?

Actually, no! I had that stroller-tip problem with my Combi, but I think the Babyzen is a bit frontloaded or something, so it’s not an issue.

I’d imagine though, if you put a really heavy diaper bag on and press down on the handle (without a baby in the seat), it’ll still flip back.

Thanks, Beverly! Could you also tell us where you got the bug screens in the black mesh? They seem to go perfectly with the Yoyo’s

Just wondering about the rain cover on the Yoyo, where do you store it when not in use while you’re out and about? Does it fit in the pram basket?
Your kids are too cute!

I just bought the Babyzen Yoyo after reading your post! My gal is few weeks younger than Carter. 🙂

I see hook clips and a cup holder on your baby zen! Gah! Been looking for suitable ones for ages, where did u get them?
Your boys are absolutely scrumptious! x

I got the hook clips from Motherswork, they’re a japanese brand. And the cupholder is from Mums and Babes in United Sq Mall!

Hi bev I think I saw your posts with a bugaboo (bee?) before? How does it compare to the babyzen? Love that they fold compact! Tempting but my son is already 2, so prob not going to get a lot of use?
Thanks in advance!!

The bugaboo is a lot bigger and (imho) more unwieldy than the Babyzen. I am going to sell mine, actually, because I love the Babyzen way more!

And, well, Hunter is 2+ and I just bought the Babyzen for him 😉

Liked the beautiful photographs,professionally done,feel like having a go over the the sites and enjoy the beauty and all seasons weather of Copenhagen,great!