If you’re a parent, or know kids aged from 6 months to 12 yrs old…. you’d be interested to know that a very very interesting kids event is coming to our fair shores……. NEXT WEEK! 


The Singapore Innovative Children’s Festival 2013 commences next week (17 June) and boasts some really impressive performances. You can see the list here.

Some events are FREE, but the paid performances start at just $11 a ticket. The reason the tickets are so cheap is due to having major sponsors on board to subsidise the bulk of the costs. In Australia, shows like The Balinese Princess (boasting a full cast/crew of 15 people from Australia) would sell for $125 per ticket! GAK.

But better yet, they are giving us a pretty fab offer – Buy 2 tickets for the price of 1!

Just use the code 2for1promo when you checkout. It’s valid for “The Balinese Princess”, “The Bear Hunt” and  “Wholebrain Child Seminar”.


Me? I’m taking the kids to “The Magical Pond”, where you and bub lie down and look UP at the ceiling where the screen is. Cool much?!

Get your tickets (using the code 2for1promo, obviously) ASAP cos the event starts in just a few days time!


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Let's Chat!