Birthdays, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Parties, Playdates HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY NAOMI! 9 May 2013

One of Hunter’s favourite girl friends had her 2nd birthday bash recently! It was quite momentous as she is also now an older sister.. so I thought it was really nice she had her own special day to celebrate.

Maybe Hunter and her can now “connect” on some level as being big brother/sister to a little baby. They can commiserate with each other on how good or bad it is to have a baby in the house, haha.

There were a billion kids running around the play gym. Well maybe not a billion, maybe one or two less than that. But it sure was packed with kids running everywhere! I think the adults were pretty exhausted, LOL. And for those with 2 kids, neither parent got a rest! Ours are both too young to be left unsupervised in there, so we were really kept on our toes.

(some pics snitched off Janice!)


Hugs for the birthday girl! Pretty impressive to see, as Hunter is not generous with his hugs toward his friends.


With my lovely mummy pals!


The turquoise brigade


There was something for everyone! Even the youngest of kids, like Carter, had fun. Here he is jumping around like a madman. He LOVED that thing. He lunged and threw himself with much devilish glee, and wailed if he was removed from the contraption.



Hunter, my little Mr Reserved, had a total BLAST! I didn’t even recognise the crazy, exuberant kid.. dashing around, throwing himself around and laughing like a maniac. Actually everyone there that witnessed his antics (and know what he’s normally like) were all going “I cannot BELIEVE Hunter is like this?!”.

Even odder, he’d been to this play gym a few weeks back, and was really nervous about it. He refused to be in the ball pit and was generally horrified by most of the stuff there.

But during the party, he was playing like any normal kid! I couldn’t believe my eyes. And I LOVED IT 🙂

So so excited!


Three little monkeys…


See Hunter lying down among the balls? UNBELIEVABLE. The first time in his life he got the guts to go into a ball pit, and launch himself into it and roll around!


Previously he was terrified of the fans blowing the balloons around. But during the party, he screamed with happiness and ran around catching the balloons!


Carter got to sit on some of these baby-friendly kiddy rides




Carter crashed after all the madness. Chris crashed next to him 😉


Amazingly, all the kids managed to sit around the table at the same time for eating/cake cutting. What a feat! It took much effort to get Hunter to eat his ham & cheese sandwich.. but since he is pretty much vegetarian, he ate it once I removed the ham *facepalm*. Didn’t object to the cake though, he ate that with gusto!

Eating time! Man everyone looks so serious..


Pulling faces


Very unimpressed with his party hat


Happy birthday sweetie pie!!!


Proud daddy with his precious lil one


We had a lovely time. Thanks for inviting us Naomi!!



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Let's Chat!

Hunter must have been so happy to see all of his little friends, he couldn’t help but be excited and have fun too! at least now you know he’s not a party pooper! 😀 xx

Maybe he was just so excited to be celebrating his No1 girlfriend’s birthday!!!