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The problem is that in Singapore, especially for old folks here, the term “flea market” immediately makes them recoil and think of dirty nasty ‘ol stuff.

The updated, modern view of the term “flea market” just means independent local homemade/artsy goods sold in a fun fair setting. It’s very common in Australia but is just catching on in Singapore.

And I LOVE IT. I like the buzz and poking around the fun little stalls, and most of all, the unique stuff you can find. A lot of the stuff is home made, and absolutely adorable! The stall owners are always friendly and fun to have a chat with, and it’s just all super interesting.

Public Garden’s flea market


Public Garden threw yet another flea market at the National Museum of Singapore over the weekend. And I just wanna say, I AM HOPPITTY MAD with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I realised I missed out on a ton of stalls when I was looking through their Facebook photo album.. I think I only saw about half the stalls. Were the others on a different floor, or round the corner or something? I’m so annoyed because those stalls look super cool in the photos and who knows when I’ll be about to check out their stuff in real life again 🙁 I think the organisers should have either put all stalls in an obvious/central location or made very obvious signage to direct people.


Anyway, what I did get to see, I loved. Some of the goods on sale were cutesy and whimsical, others oddball and unique, some vintage, others sassy. Boy I loved poking around all the little bits and bobs… and let’s just say I had to exercise great self-restraint. 

Check it out!

The main area


Loved this homemade craft stall. I bought that bag I’m carrying!


Vintage items and handmade jewellery


Little Odd Forest, an online store I really like (too cute!) but really expensive.. gulp. There’s Carter in the corner snoozing through it all.


Cute stuffed animals, but actually I just wanted those turquoise cardboard ‘suitcases’ that they come in!


A rack of Etrican eco fashion (loved the fabrics) and a rack of colourful dresses


There were also a whole bunch of food stalls there.. mostly selling desserts. Most of them were homemade and not an actual business (ie. has a proper shop in Singapore), so it was pretty fun to check them out!

Once Upon A Milkshake. The mini-sizes were super cute! Our regular-sized cookies & cream one really hit the spot though 🙂


KEK and Smitten homemade desserts


This below is a stall named red chocolate. It’s actually SPECIFICALLY the reason I wanted to go to this Public Garden flea market (when I saw on their Facebook that they’d be there). I’d tried out their goodies at a previous pop-up fair and fell in love! The lady is super sweet and her desserts are top-notch.

The Lemon Drizzle cake is fluffy and perfectly tart, and I am a total SUCKER for her Red Velvet Whoopie Pie. Whoopie Pies are virtually unheard of in Singapore, so I was delighted to find her selling some. The red velvet cake part is soft and moist, and the cream cheese frosting inside isn’t too sweet and done just wonderfully. The result is a creamy cake mix in your mouth that is just divine! It’s less sweet than a traditional Whoopie Pie (since it has cream cheese in the middle), and I think I actually prefer this version more.

If you’re into Whoopie Pies or like Red Velvet (she also bakes the traditional cake version), check out where she’ll be next at her Facebook link above.

Come to think of it, I might get some of her baked goodies for our next party… 😛

The most excellent Red Velvet Whoopie Pie from red chocolate. See, even (blurry) Carter approves!


Playing with Daddy after his nap


My big man and little man!


OK so anyway, I fell in love with this handmade bag from Lifestyle with Love – selling lovely little creations made with the cutest fabrics. It was such a nice size, and has a nice little slouch once it’s stuffed with my things (you can’t see this in the pics as I’m carrying it empty. Plus, HELLO HAVE YOU SEEN HOW CUTE IT IS???

I figure, I can use it as a casual bag, and I can also use it as a baby bag or the kids can use it too <– justification.

It’s just so cute I can’t stand it!

Handmade bag from Lifestyle with Love


Closeup of front / back / inside


I also got this hair scrunchie… turquoise with pink cupcakes! SQUEE. Can’t remember the stall name I bought it from though 🙁


Anyway this is random but since we’re on the topic of cutesy stuff right now….. I stumbled upon this little animated GIF file that I made, maybe 10 years ago? 15 years? No idea but it was eons ago.  I still find this ridiculously cute though, so I’m wondering where I can potentially use it!


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Yes the next Public Garden event will be on 27-28 April at the National Museum. Hope to see ya’ll there! 🙂

If I’m not wrong, it should be the same place, National Museum, but you can check out their FB page or website to see the updates 🙂

Just for your info, they are holding another flea market in the last weekend of April.
I’m not sure will the same stores be there or not this time round but personally I will give it a pass in April. I bet there are other new interesting shops as well.
Have fun!

HI Beverly,

Just found out that you posted my bag here!

Thank you so much for your purchase and also for posting about my bag 🙂
It really suits you very well!


Hi Beverly,

Thank you for dropping by last Saturday! I hope you enjoyed the whoopie pie. 🙂

I was wondering if I can share your blog on teh red chocolate Facebook page?

Thanks and regards,

ARGHH I’m so annoyed. Those stalls looked cool too. I hope there’s another market soon and the same shops again!

They had a small room on the first floor that I almost missed too! Was lucky enough to check with the organiser of Public Garden as I was looking for Joey N Beatrice if not I would have missed it too.

I love flea markets! I’ve just started sewing as I don’t have time to knit anymore and this flea market is do inspirational.

My little pony was my favourite cartoon!! Super duper cute animation!

There is one more room in first floor n a foyer in second level !! I almost missed it too! They should put a sign there!

There is no signage!!! I was about to go home but the girl who was singing live music there announce it!! If not I would have missed it too!

there wasn’t any signage. bt being the kiasu singaporean I am, i just thought no harm checking out the 2nd level.

in fact i went up to the 3rd level but there wasn’t anything -_-