Chinese New Year, Family, Living in... Singapore HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! 11 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Singapore’s been abuzz the whole weekend with CNY shennanigans, because it’s a huuuuuge thing here. For us? I was just eagerly anticipating my aunt’s annual CNY party at her house, because any chance of a party and chatting to people gets me all fluttery and excited, hehe. I was so excited it took me an hour to fall asleep at night!!

Errr… anyways.

Here are some pics we took prior to the party!


My four outfits for CNY. Top-left: top from CacheCache, shorts from Witchery Kids. Top-right: dress from Elly (worn as tunic), belt from Alannah Hill. Bottom-left: silk cheongsam custom-made in Shanghai. Bottom-right: dress and belt from CacheCache.


I like this photo cos it shows Carter’s outfit off perfectly. A gift from a friend, I’ve been saving it for months for CNY!


Chris and I look good here, the boys look silly


…and it’s vice versa in this pic!


All sunshine smiles this morning, dressed in their matching Elly shirts and Bonds shorts.


We arrived at my aunt’s place a little early, which was the intention so Hunter could settle down and familiarise himself first. He’s the sort that needs to feel in control and confident of the place/people before he opens up.. so whilst I knew he would still clam up later once all the guests arrived, I was hoping that him being there first would make him feel less overwhelmed as he would then see everyone arrive one by one. 

It sorta kinda worked. He was pretty chill and happy for the party, though he didn’t exactly greet or talk to people on demand. Then again, he’s never been the type of kid that will obediently say what he’s told to utter, so I guess I wasn’t surprised!

Both kids even squished in a 1.5 hour nap upstairs, which impressed me because of all the party sounds and craziness going on! SCORE.


Coming in bearing his gifts


Happy New Year!


This super adorable family pic my cousin Amanda got for us!! Made with paper cut outs. How cool is that? It’s going straight up on our family photo wall.


3 cousins 🙂 Oh, and a husband!


Extended family photo 🙂


As usual, Hunter made a BEELINE for Elliot, his cousin. Quite possibly one of his fave mates. He was even chanting “Elliot! Catch fish!” as I was putting him to bed tonight… LOL. Elliot’s biggest fan.

They spent most of their time terrorizing the poor fish. Elliot had the brilliant (?) idea of getting a long-stemmed leaf and sweeping/dipping it into the water, and watching the fish swim away. Obviously, Hunter eagerly joined in. Poor fish!

Dressed in matching Elly shirts. Total awwwww at how Elliot’s holding Hunter’s hand to show him how to ‘fish’!


Dad with his 3 favourite boys (and fans). All 3 in matching Elly!


There was a roti prata man that churned out pratas. Yummers. My favourite was the dessert ones – a crispy version drizzled with chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Eeeeeek it was SO GOOD!!!!! I ended up having 2 of these because they’re so freakin’ addictive. Calories don’t apply when it’s CNY – fact.

Carter was pretty desperate for a bit


But he’s gotta fight Mama for it! Wahahahaaaa


He had to settle on sucking on some fruit instead 😉


Visiting Malaysian and Aussie friends that we knew from our Shanghai days. They just got married!


HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR from the Burgess family 🙂


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