I’m actually not a massive fan of Jimmy Choo or anything. I mean, I like the stuff, but it’s not a brand I actively seek out or get ridiculously excited about. I own a few pairs of their shoes and that’s it.

That is, until we were in NYC and I spotted these:

Jimmy Choo sunglasses in turquoise



Bit of background about my love-hate affair with sunglasses. I don’t own many, or shop for them, because more often than not, they DON’T fit me.

My problem?

I have a flat face. I don’t know a more pleasant way of putting it!

I have a flat/non-existent nose bridge, and so 99% of sunnies fall off my face. I do have very high cheekbones though, so generally sunnies just sit… errr.. propped up on my cheeks. Only thing is, when I smile, they lift up… and I just look weird 😉

These Jimmy Choo sunglasses, however, fit me PERFECTLY. Why? They have those sticky-out nose thingys that I can pull out to sit better my (lack of) nose bridge…. and they are SUPER LIGHT. Like ridiculously lightweight. I think they frame my face perfectly, if I do say so myself, and they fit properly.


And… well… I guess that gorgeous shade of turquoise may have played a part in me LEAPING to grab them 😉


I like the teeny silver star!


Not a very good photo, but here’s Hunter and I modelling our sunnies


The other thing I got from the store were these Jimmy choo leather flats.

In this craaaazy bright orange!!

Both Dad and Chris looked rather alarmed when I proudly paraded them around. Men, what do they know?

Jimmy Choo leather flats


I like how perfect the little bows are, and the shape of the curve of the toe. They just feel like quality! Plus, these little metal nameplates on the back are just toooo cute.

Name plates


They have really sturdy soles, which is great for wet/slippery footpaths. And the patent orange just screams LOOKATME!

But…. I’ve only worn these once out whilst shopping in a mall, and haven’t worn them since. I’m too obsessed with my Holster jelly sandals and pretty much wear them daily now. And so I’ll likely sell these Jimmy Choo flats (they’re a size 37) since they’re so cute and in mint condition (even the bottoms of the shoes look brand new!). If you’re keen just drop me a line – they come with their dustbag and shoebox 🙂



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