Canberra, Christmas, Family, HOLIDAYS A FAMILY CHRISTMAS IN CANBERRA 4 January 2013

So we had a lovely Christmas in Australia… and hope you had a good time with your family and loved ones too!

Our Christmas was a mega family affair with Chris’ side of the relatives. We weren’t particularly looking forward to getting ourselves there because Christmastime is the worst (ie. most expensive) time to fly and because Hunter didn’t fare well on the plane during our USA trip the previous month. But at least the flight is like a bandaid – rip it off quickly, get it over and done with, and we had 10 days hanging out with family.. which actually was very nice! It was fun living in a big house with lots of people and movement and chattering, and the kids made themselves right at home from the get-go. It was a very laid-back and relaxed holiday and it was actually pretty sad to leave cos I had a great time there.

Got an airport stroller and Hunter started tantrum-ing, not wanting to sit. Chris said “SIT and no tantrum!!” He had to obey but did this the whole time…


HAI from the plane!


Asleep during our overnight flight

The fortunate thing was that the plane trip wasn’tΒ as bad as the USA one. Carter was still the awesome flight-baby, since he’s still so young. Hunter did take 2 hours into the flight before he could fall asleep (with much wailing) due to meals, lights on, etc.. but when he did, he knocked out for the whole flight until the end when they turned the lights back on. Chris and I only managed snippets of sleep overnight on the plane though, which taught us a crucial lesson – it’s best to travel on day flights with our kids.

View of the sunset in Canberra, from the car window


We arrived on Christmas Eve morning, went to Church in the evening, and then went to bed.

And the next morning…. it was……..Β CHRISTMAS!Β 

The madness of gift giving at Christmas time


Do I need to point out that the kids were indulged? πŸ˜› All manner of toys, and of course, lots of trains and cars for Hunter. They are very blessed!

Hunter too absorbed with James the train to look up


Ooooo a portable vehicle play set!


Spot the kid almost buried under the wrapping paper πŸ˜‰


Some booby gift of a kid’s showercap with a giant butterfly on it. Sexy!


After the morning exhaustion of Christmas gift unwrapping, we sat down for a huuuuuge Christmas lunch. My MIL spent half the day cooking and hooboy there was a TON of food!! Roast pork, lamb, ham, prawns, chicken, roast veggies, etc etc.. We ate ourselves silly πŸ˜€

The lovely table setting, all Christmas themed




Dessert was homemade Christmas pudding with lashings of custard laced with rum


Christmas crackers!


Both the kids were exhausted from the previous day’s flight and slept through the entire Christmas lunch. On the plus side, it gave all of us some peace to enjoy a meal together. On the downside, we did want Hunter to be at the table with us. But at least it got them over their jet lag and were fine with sleeping for the rest of the trip – big whew!

Soaking in his warm bubble bath before bedtime


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

A very blessed Christmas and new year to you too S! It was actually quite fun to have a big extended family Christmas, tree and all πŸ™‚

Hi, longtime lurker on your blog. Found it initially when I was googling charlie banana diapers. Did you transit through Adelaide on your way back? I thought I saw you and family walking through the airport. Hard to miss the two cute boys! I was having lunch with mum there prior to her flight plus rocking my lil one to sleep in her pram. πŸ™‚ I thought it may also be too weird to go up to you and intro myself.

Hi Beverly, belated Merry Christmas and happy new year. I’ve said it before but your boys are just too cute for words. The pic of Hunter grumpy in the stroller reminds me of a pic of my niece at a similar age when we were babysitting her and my nephew. We were out having brunch and she was in my lap, as she was refusing to eat and being quite naughty I put her in the stroller and told her she had to sit quietly, next hour she had the same expression as Hunter! πŸ™‚ She wouldn’t even look at us! It’s so busy at this time of the year but its nice being able to spend time with family, we had family over to watch fireworks for NYE and I was on my feet the whole day but wouldn’t have it any other way. All the best to you and your family for 2013.

Heh I suppose that sulky look is pretty common in toddlers πŸ˜‰ It was pretty hilarious though in retrospect!

And yes, it was lovely being in a family home over Christmas.. we had a wonderful time..