Chris’ parents are moving from India to Australia, and so had the opportunity to stop over in Singapore over the past week. Excellent timing, because they could visit and see Carter – their second grandchild! Plus, they could also spoil Hunter with lots of attention πŸ˜‰

And, boy, did he soak it up! Pretty much every demand uttered out of his mouth was met, pronto. And of course, oodles of attention. Carter got lots of attention too, when he wasn’t sleeping (which is 90% of the time).

We didn’t get to go out much since Chris was working every day, and it’s quite a drama heading out with both kids. But at least the 2 kids were comfy at home and had constant playmates, so all went well!

We went to theΒ airport to say goodbye to them yesterday and boy, I’m impressed with what Singapore airport has to offer. It was pretty crowded as it was a Sunday, but I reckon it’d be perfect on a quieter weekday. They have playgrounds and play areas, lots of kiddie clothing and toy shops, and a HUGE slide that spans 2 floors!! Sadly, I was wearing a skirt so I couldn’t go down it πŸ™ But Chris took Hunter down the smaller 1-storey slide, which looked like a lot of fun.

We even met a girl friend of mine that just gave birth last week, and she was out with her newborn and older kid (who’s Hunter’s age).. so I guess it goes to show the airport is nice enough for people to go to just to hang out!

The little prince in his chariot!


Chris taking Hunter down the slide – it looked so fun!


The apple of Nanna and Grandpa’s eye


“Whaaaat? Leaving already?!”



Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

your post reminds me of my mom meeting her friends at the airport and everyone would bring their kids. so i spent a lot of time there when i was a kid too πŸ˜› memories, ahhhh.

I thought they were in Australia this whole time! Look at you and your family, such world class travellers. πŸ˜‰ Hunter and Carter will be spoiled rotten with *love*, that’s for sure!

They’ve lived pretty much everywhere BUT Australia πŸ˜› it’s what I like about his family, they’re not “stuck in the mud” types cos they’re so international!

Ooo India? Which part? It’s so weird…I never noticed all the stuff at Changi before!!! …but then again my tactic was to get into the departure hall pronto so I could take my time walking to the gates and looking at the shops inside and