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I’m always eager to discover boutique, locally-owned children’s clothing and accessories. I actually don’t really buy that sort of stuff from retail giants like Mothercare etc, ‘cos their clothing can be cute but nothing that seriously excites me, and I always see many kids running around wearing it anyway.

I don’t actually know of many locally-owned boutiques, that also sell stuff that appeals to me, so was pretty chuffed when I was introduced to, owned by 2 sisters. OMG YOU SHOULD SEE THEIR STORE!!! Previously online-only (their website design sends me into a bit of a frenzy ‘cos it’s just so damn pretty!), they now have a shopfront at Cluny Court and it is whimsical, personified. Their concept is that “children’s clothing can be beautiful yet comfortable and practical”, and they use designer cotton fabrics imported from USA and UK.

I’ll stop right here and admit – their girls clothing are freakin’ adorable. As in, adorable enough to make you squeal when you see their French style whimsy dresses, and their cutie-pie Chinese style dresses.  The boys clothes use the same fabrics and prints, and come in smart little collared shirts.

This tree branch is a real one, picked up by one of the sisters


They also sell cute little prints for the nursery


Divine necklaces, with a touch of vintage *swoons*


Hunter got his train-print collared shirt as a present from a friend for his 1st birthday. The print is SO cheery and bright, and he gets compliments from strangers when he wears it out – it’s that eye catching 😉

The cool lil pair of aeroplane-embroidered shorts and Skeanie leather shoes were picked up in their store.

ELLY clothing from head-to-toe!


The Skeanie leather shoes are perfect, and I mean PERFECT, for Hunter. Previously he was wearing soft-leather shoes.. which are almost like a sock since they have a leather-skin sole. They are great for non-walkers, but since he’s started walking, he needs something with proper soles. These Skeanie ones have the best soles I’ve seen so far – they are rubber and studded, and so flexible. I read that it’s best for early-walkers to wear a soft sole shoe, so they can still feel the ground beneath their feet. So it ruled out a lot of other shoes I was looking at. Also, I love the closed-shoe design, with holes around it, so it’s cool enough for warm weather yet doesn’t look as casual as a sandal (ie. can wear indoors in shopping malls and still look pretty ‘dressed up’).

Hunter can walk by himself now, and these flexible shoes are working out really well for him. He happily lifts up each foot to put on his shoes every morning when we get dressed to go out, so I guess he likes ’em too 😛 Now I’m eager to get the other designs for him!

Skeanie leather shoes


The really fab flexible soles


The aeroplane-print shorts are a comfy cotton, and best of all, have adjustable straps on the inside of the waistband that can be buttoned tighter or looser.. so you can buy one size up and adjust accordingly, so it lasts as long as possible. I picked out the plane design for Hunter, but there’s a whole bunch of other ones… was tempted on the car design too, which was so cute!

Adjustable waistband on the shorts


Anyway, here are some pics of the ‘lil one, dressed head-to-toe in ELLY clothing from 😉 The clothes he’s wearing are a little over-sized for him, cos I wanted them to last as long as possible.. so I’m hoping they’ll last him for at least the next 6 months!

Taken a split-second before he sent the truck hurtling to the ground
Crawling, not as efficient as walking nowadays 😉


Riding his walker like a scooter


Patting his wooden rocking horse


When all else fails in the attention-seeking, simply *FLASH*



PS. Found out the site ships internationally – hurrray!! They weigh the stuff you’ve bought, then give you a quote from the Post Office for Registered Mail to your country.. Fab idea for gifts too, because it all comes wrapped in a really gorgeous Elly box.


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Hi Bev,
Do you remember the size of this pair of Skeanie that you got for Hunter? I’m trying to order a pair online for my 14 mths old son.

I like the animal printed dress! woot, they ship internationally too, uh oh itchy fingers of mine wants to add to shopping cart! thks for sharing this 😉

The zoo one? I love all their girls’ clothing.. SO FREAKIN’ CUTE. Man Laura would look so cute in a little cheongsam too!

I’m waiting to see if they’ll come up with more cheongsam designs before I decide on the CS Red Bunnies cheongsam 🙂

Ooo good point, maybe send them an email and check? Man I’d so wear one of their cheongsams if they came in adult sizes and if I wouldn’t look like a nutter wearing one, lol!

They do grow up quickly eh?! I still remember when he was like a lil worm just lying there, doing not much at all 😉