Birthdays, Family, Hunter HUNTER’S 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY: THE NEXT DAY… 1 February 2012

We stayed in the ONE°15 Marina Club hotel on the day of Hunter’s 1st birthday party. It made things a LOT easier, as it meant he could have his nap in a nice hotel room, we could put all our stuff there, and not have to pack everything into the car and speed home after the party.

The room was spacious and really lovely. Oddly, the bathroom was as big as the main bedroom?! But no complaints, because we thoroughly enjoyed the sunken bathtub and had a nice soak in there at night. When was the last time we actually ran a bath? I think it was on our honeymoon in the Maldives – yes, THAT long ago!

The hotel room


Running a bath with L'occitane green tea bath soaks


Breakfast was buffet-style and seated overlooking the harbour and yachts. Such a pretty view and I guess a bit of a novelty since you don’t get this often in Singapore. They had all the standard Western breakfast stuff, which was good, but I thought the Asian fried noodles was the best part – they were SO tasty 😀

Hunter had a blast with his own plate of freshly-cooked scrambled eggs, toast, and baked beans. A bit of a treat for him because he rarely gets to eat the food served in restaurants (I fear that I don’t know how it’s cooked, how good/fresh the ingredients are, and all the salt/additives in there). He ate up every single bit 😉

My 1st plate of the buffet breakfast


Afterwards, we had a quick dip in the pool again, because Hunter really enjoyed the swim during his birthday party. It was pretty quiet in the morning, so a lovely time for a splash around and chill out. He thoroughly enjoyed it, and so did we 🙂

In his other spaceship outfit 😛


Blowing bubbles to amuse my boys


Hunter, very pleased to have so much attention




Enjoying frolicking around on the pool's chairs


Family shot 🙂


Since the club gave us a complimentary birthday cake (banana!), we decided to let Hunter dig in. You know those cute pics of kids with cake smeared all over their faces? Yeah… we never quite got that! Hunter, of course, is definitely not one of those kids that quickly snatches at stuff.

Rather, he eyed the cake veeerrrryyy carefully for a good few mins, and only gingerly reached over for a gentle poke after much encouragement from us. And even then, he only very slowly put it into his mouth for a careful nibble. He did like it though, because he reached over for more! But no matter what, still no mad grab for the cake, let alone stuffing it into his mouth 😛

A gentle poke


Nom nom nom...


We helped Hunter open his birthday presents the next day.. And we were pretty surprised at how awesome they all were – SUPER cute clothes for him, or toys or useful stuff that was right up his alley! I think my friends all have really good taste or something. Or, they know him well 😛

He is one very lucky and blessed lil boy!

Delighted with his stack of presents


...though I will admit, he was pretty fascinated with the wrapping paper too 😉


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Let's Chat!

he’s definitely growing into a mini version of chris (the squints and other facial expressions etc)but he still looks like a kewpie doll (pale face, big eyes and long eye lashes lol)