Birthdays, Family MUM’S BIRTHDAY DINNER @ LONG BEACH 14 January 2012

This is a bit of a backdated post, but I just discovered the photos on my camera and so decided to blog them. We went to Long Beach for dinner to celebrate’s Mum’s birthday – a pretty old school Chinese restaurant and famous for their good seafood.

But let’s be honest, I’ll always remember it because of this:

Long Beach's wet towels. LOL!!!


ANYWAY! Hilarious wet towel wrapper aside, I really enjoy eating there because service is brisk, food is good, and it’s reasonably priced. It’s a great restaurant to go in a big group to, so you can order up a storm and not break the bank.

Drunken prawns - one of my faves


I remember this tofu dish below was charged per piece.. and it was something like $2 a piece? I’m not sure why because whilst it was pleasant, it wasn’t flat-out stupendous or anything.

Fried tofu


Oh but how I loved this crispy fried baby squid! Teeny baby squids that were fried til crispy, and then coated in a sticky slightly sweet sauce. So tasty, and as addictive as eating chips.

Crispy fried baby squid


Stir fried beef and green onions


I can’t remember the specific fish we ordered, but their Steamed fish in soy sauce was fabulous. Silky, tender fish wallowing in a light soy sauce, it was so simple yet tasty.

Steamed fish


I can’t remember what this unidentified dish is below.. obviously some sort of vegetables and bits of… something.. cooked with it?? Obviously, I didn’t touch any of it 😉

(unidentified dish)


I’m a HUGE fan of E-fu noodles so I had extra helpings of this baby. I don’t know how they do it, but the noodles are always so freakin’ tasty. Plus I love the silky little mushrooms dotted through it. The beansprouts through the noodles receive a LOT less love from me, but they are easily picked out and thrown angrily onto the floor. OK OK I kid, I place them aside on my plate!

E-fu noodles


This is one of my Dad’s favourite Asian desserts, yam paste. I know this sounds totally weird to people that have not heard of (or tried) this dish. It’s cooked yam and lard, mashed up. OK now that sounds even worse!! I can’t think of an appetizing way to describe it. Trust me, it’s pretty good 🙂

Yam paste


I got the Sticky black rice with vanilla ice cream instead and it came out looking rather impressive, arriving in a mist of dry ice bubbling away in the glass below. The dessert itself, however, was pretty forgettable. I guess that means it was nice but nothing outstanding.

Sticky black rice with vanilla ice cream


And because it was Mum’s birthday, they served us a complimentary platter of Peach-coloured sweet buns. I’m pretty sure there is a proper Chinese name for these.. but I don’t know it (help, anyone?). Anyway, these are fluffy buns shaped and coloured like little peaches, and filled with some sort of sweet paste. They’re really good!!! :)~

Birthday buns


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

That towel wrapper is pretty hilarious. I wonder who the original pageant contestant is, when the photo was taken and what she was holding in the original photo? (I’m assuming it wasn’t a platter of crab).

That yam paste sounds pretty disgusting. I don’t think I could ever be tempted to try it, despite your assertion that it is good.

Hahhahah good point about her originally not holding the platter of crab! LOL

And I do think it’s not bad, but I know heaps of people here love it. Though, Chris doesnt’ like it 😛

That picture on the wet towels has been there and used forever! Btw, the black glutinous rice with ice-cream is one of the best desserts I have tried.

I have been reading your blog for a while so I thought I’d better identify myself. Heh..

hee hi Angela!
Dya mean it’s the best dessert at Long Beach, or that you’ve ever had anywhere? I thought it was nice but nothing drop-dead amazing – I think mainly cos it was regular vanilla ice cream and not the super creamy vanilla bean sort 😛

Is it? The veg turned me off cos it looked like the sort that I can never chew properly and then it slides halfway down my throat and makes me gag… bleurgghhh!!

I think the “unidentified dish” is sautéed Chinese Spinach with Three Kinds of Eggs (eggs, century eggs & salted eggs). 🙂

Longevity Buns! and the veggies dish is one of my fave: Triple Eggs (normal fresh egg + century egg + salted egg) and Spinach poached in rich stock

Hi beverly!

those buns are called 寿桃 (shou tao), literally translated to be Longevity Peaches

Ahh! I know they signify some sort of longevity thing, but didn’t know the proper name. I still reckon my “birthday peach buns” is easier to remember tho 😛 😛