Hunter COMBI ‘WELL COMFORT’ STROLLER 17 November 2011

[EDIT: my blog crapped out yesterday and today, so no one could click any links or make any comments. It’s fixed now. Sorry about that!]

I’ve been using our Bugaboo Bee+ daily since Hunter was born. It’s one fantastic baby stroller because not only does it look good, but it also pushes like luxury, is spacious, and reclines fully for Hunter to sleep comfortably. Only downside? It’s pretty heavy at 8KG (though still on the light side for deluxe strollers) and I struggle with it when I’m on my own with Hunter because I can’t open/close it with one hand and it’s really quite large, so it’s not easy to get around in small spaces.

I decided I want a small, lightweight stroller for when I’m out-and-about by myself.. just to make life easier for myself. However, I had a couple of must-haves:

  1. under 6KG, since my Bugaboo is 8KG
  2. can be swapped easily to rear-facing
  3. opens and closes with one hand, since the other arm has Hunter in it
  4. fully reclining seat, for Hunter to sleep comfortably
  5. full canopy that draws down, because I realised how critical it is as the Bugaboo’s doesn’t
  6. price point under $300, since the Bugaboo costs helluva lot and I didn’t want 2 expensive strollers

I asked a whole bunch of mummy friends, looked at every single stroller in all the baby shops I visited, etc etc. FINALLY, narrowed it down to………. the Combi ‘Well Comfort’ stroller.

It’s a Japanese brand, no surprise since Chris and I are always impressed with anything Japanese. It hits all of my above criteria.. except the last one, because it’s actually $339. But I’m glad we decided on this one, because it’s absolutely worth it. The only downside is that because it’s so light, it can only take a baby up to 17KG. Hunter likely won’t last in it for that long, but at least it’s fantastic for him in the meantime and our next baby can always use it.

It has kickass reviews online, and you can also watch a video of it in motion.  Really, I have no complaints and I’m delighted with how the canopy pulls down so Hunter can’t see all the exciting shops when we’re out and refuse to sleep 😉

Sleeping in his enclosed space


It’s pretty fab! I’ll still use the Bugaboo (specifically when I have someone around to help me with it) but this Combi one will be my day-to-day stroller when I’m by myself. Mum and Dad bought it for us (and Hunter!) as an early Christmas present. What a perfect gift it is! Thanks Mum and Dad 😀

Combi stroller colour-matched with our diaper bag 😛

OK and just some random pics from the past few days 😛

He's a Barney fan, something about the face/colour that he finds irresistible??


Well PFFFTTTTT to you all!!


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Hi bev, can I check where your parents got the Combi from? I’m looking to get this when I’m next in Singapore.

It was a random neighbourhood store but I’d recommend getting it from a department store since it’s not like you get a cheaper price, they’re all set by Combi!

Don’t worry, I’m sure Hunter will be able to sit in it for quite a while more. Noey’s 3 and a bit of a lightweight at 13.5kg but I think they average around 15kg at 3? Bu then he wouldn’t want to sit in it much anymore! I use a really light Aprica stroller and I love it — weight is so impt when you’re out on your own. Combi is great too!

YES!! That’s the one I was eyeing too.. my issue with that though is that it’s almost as heavy as the Bugaboo, and the canopy didn’t come all the way down so Hunter can sleep.

But when he’s older, I’m considering that as an umbrella stroller 🙂

Think H will be able to use it till he’s 3 or 4! (Their weight gain slows down a lot after 1 – Sean is 2 and he’s only 10.5kg!)

We have a super-light Aprica stroller (quite similar to Combi, I think) which we bring along everywhere and really like too!

I hope so! I think max will be about 3 though, since he’ll be taller and the Combi can’t be extended to accomodate.

Oo which model Aprica do you have? I’ve heard it’s good too 🙂

To be honest 6kg, a 10kg baby (I believe he is 10kg now??) and a diaper bag is still quite something for someone your size!! You must have become stronger since birthing Hunter!

Yeah it can get a bit mad when I have handbag + diaper bag on my shoulders, Hunter in one hand, stroller in the other. I used to be such a weakling too 😉 But you’re crazier for sure, with 2 kids!!