Birthdays 30TH BIRTHDAY LUNCH @ HARD ROCK CAFE 4 November 2011

Since we were staying at the Hard Rock Hotel, it seemed pretty apt that my 30th birthday lunch with my parents was at the Hard Rock Cafe 😛 We wanted something casual but nice, and it fit the bill perfectly. Not to mention I love good ‘ol American food.. so I was pretty eager for my fix of burger and fries!

With my v pretty (and pink!) birthday card and red packet from my parents


Pretty sure it’s only Hard Rock Cafe Singapore that has the Chilli crab dip dish, but I’m glad they do, because it is excellent! It’s thick and rich, and chock full of crab bits. It’s spicy but not overly so (and considering I’m a chili wimp, this is good news), and goes with just about any carb on the planet. We picked these Chinese deep fried buns (‘man tous’) since they are traditionally eaten together anyway. Idiotically, they gave 6 tiny buns which were a bit of a laugh to look at. When we pointed out we needed more, they brought out another plate… and charged us $6 for it (I think, it was around that amount anyway)!!!! It rather PISSED ME OFF because, honestly, what a sneaky way to make money – give a teeny amount so people are forced to order more, then slap them with a charge without telling them. Please.

Delicious chilli crab dip with woefully measly amount of buns


Fortunately, the rest of their mains were great. The Slab of ribs and chips was a decent slab, though the pork wasn’t the melt-in-your-mouth type. It was, however, still tasty and pretty good.

Baby back ribs


My Cheeseburger and fries was fantastic. Perfectly done, with a delicious soft bun. It came with a generous portion of fries (which were really tasty dipped into the chili crab).

Cheese burger and fries


The Steak sandwich was also impressive. It was tender and smothered in lots of cheese and gravy, with lashings of grilled onions. Yum!!

Steak sandwich


Hard Rock Cafe heavily over-charge on their meals, but I suppose you pay partly for the brand name and ‘cool factor’. It was Halloween celebrations when we were there, so the restaurant was all themed out and the staff were all dressed in fantastic costumes (much to Hunter’s amusement). The staff were also all really friendly, so we felt looked after and comfortable during our meal.

3 generations!


Dressed up as Superman for Halloween




Superman cape FAIL


Cuddles from Dad


Our lil family 🙂



Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Yum, that food looks so good. Looks like the only person’s meal you didn’t photograph was Chris’s? Quesadillas?

LOVE Hunter’s face in the pic captioned “Superman cape FAIL” LOL!!

Belated Happy birthday Bev!! 🙂

Hunter looks adorable with his Superman costume! And so lucky you still get red envelopes from your parents! *hee*