We did manage to get in some relaxation here and there during our Bintan holiday, despite having a little tot with us. Best part was the 2 hour massage at the Angsana spa. Ohhhhh… BLISS!! Even their reception/store area is lovely, mainly because it smells absolutely amazing. Don’t you love the scent that spas have? It instantly makes me feel so zen and relaxed and happy as a clam 🙂

The beautiful-smelling spa reception and store


I was lead to an open-air spa villa for the massage. It was surreal – hearing the waves crashing on the beach just outside, but also quiet serenity in the villa. The cold essential oil-scented towel to wipe my face and hands with kicked off an awesome 2 hour spa experience. They think of all the little things, like letting you choose your potpourri fragrance that is placed under your massage bed so it wafts up, the chilled glass of calamansi juice and fresh fruit/veg salad afterwards, and using warm wet towels to clean you off.


The open-air private villa with outdoor shower

It was a much-needed luxurious treat. Funny how pre-baby, we could have massages every week. And now, it’s this ridiculously special treat that needs all the stars to align in order for that to happen 😉 Wish I could’ve done this every single day on our trip, but I’ll take what I can get!

Got some little souvenirs though, since their store was so enticing 😛 Their spunned rayon sarong wrap was too pretty to resist! A rich red colour, it was so soft and lovely on the skin I was sold. It’s great as a blanket to lay down for Hunter to sit down on, or to wear as a dress or skirt.

Also got this night spray that you’re meant to spray on your pillow to promote a restful sleep. It smelled so divine and relaxing! I’m using it on Hunter’s bedsheet and my pillow, and love the scent 🙂

The spa also gave me a complimentary bottle of their essential oil blend, so I got their ceramic oil burner to scent up our home. Now I’m going to try and make our place smell like Angsana spa, heh!

Sarong wrap, night spray, essential oil, and ceramic burner


Anyway, the rest of the trip was just spent chilling, wandering around and enjoying the fresh tropical air. It was a nice little getaway for us, and a good taste of what going on holiday with a young child will be like.

We’ve gone from going on one trip per month, to almost none at all since I gave birth. So it’s nice to get back in there bit-by-bit!

Happy chappy chilling out


Beautiful scenery. Isn't the ocean relaxing?


The gardens around the resort


Taking Hunter for a walk to the pool


He thoroughly enjoyed his new swim ring and was giggling away in the water!


I know it’s a bit sad that we waited until Hunter was 8 months old before he went on his first holiday. He did go on his first aeroplane when he was 3 months old though, and took it brilliantly, so I have to give him credit for that! But it’s hard coordinating our schedules, and working up the confidence to take him out of his regular routine. I’m glad we finally did, since the next trip will be to Australia.. now THAT will be interesting!


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I loved the spa @ Banyan Tree so I can imagine how lovely the Angsana Spa is …. *bliss* I have yet to visit another spa that matches up to Banyan Tree.

Yeees it’s the same cos they’re owned by the same people! I loved the Banyan Tree spa too.. the therapists there are just as lovely 🙂

we took our lil girl to Jamaica when she was 10 months old, she loved it but getting her to bed was horrible.

You’re brave! We will be travelling to Australia when Hunter’s about 1 yr old so hopefully it’ll all be ok.. *crosses fingers*

we took our #1 to the US when she was 8m old. 3 weeks trip including a week cruising in alaska, and 2 different places within the US. it took some planning (food and stuff) but it was the best hols. we haven’t been brave enough to do it again now that we have 2. 😉

Wow, respect! did she do OK with the changing timezones? it’s mostly that i worry about, as Hunter’s fine with going all over the place and I breastfeed.

4 weeks is a long time when u are travelling with a 1 yr old who isn’t exactly an angel and wouldn’t eat any food but his formula!

We took our son on a 4 week europe trip when he was 13 months old. It was a nightmare but we enjoyed every minute of it. Everywhere we went, people said we were brave to do that when they found out that we were on a holiday!

I think 13 months is reasonable to go away for sure, but 4 weeks is a long time for you, heh! That must’ve been so much fun though, cos you get to to check out so many fun places 🙂

hey, saw your family at boathouse on sun. hunter is so cute that i couldnt resist but kept sneaking glances at him even though i was back-facing your table!

Oh what a coincidence! You would’ve witnessed one of his epic meltdowns too, he left us all so frazzled from all his yelling, haha.

Where were you seated? You should’ve come say hi 😛