Hunter YOU’RE MY SUPERMAN 19 September 2011

This is a little outfit that we picked up at Suntec Mall. Boy am I glad we got it in the next size up, because whilst the width is fine, the length only just fits him because he’s so long.

The little red (detachable) capelet at the back just makes me *SQUEAL*!! Tres cute.

Chris was a bit bummed there was no Spiderman outfit there, as he’d have preferred that 😉

Superman trying take off by flapping his arms frantically
First things first, let's practice standing
Now we just need Photoshop to erase that couch 😛
Hullo my cheeky Superman!

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Thanks for your reply, Beverly! Unfortunately, I went to look around, but couldn’t find already. Guess these carts are very transient 🙂

Hi Beverly,

If you don’t mind, which shop in Suntec did you buy this from? My hubby is a HUGE superman fan and I’d really like to get this for our son to surprise him!

Thanks soooo much 🙂

you should try a spiderman suit on him next time and photo report about it… after that… it should be the captain america’s suit… lol

See the Stitch Baby + Kids circle/link on my blog – I didn’t want to post it here just in case you thought I was spam!!

I’m about to visit a friend’s newborn baby son today and I’m giving them a Superman onesie and a tuxedo one for special occasions, LOL.

He is such a poster baby!! I can imagine if there are posters of him selling around, we will all buy and plaster Hunter’s pictures on the wall!

You totally should photoshop the couch away and put in some clouds! The world’s cutest superhero!!

Wow, he looks like a little super man. Fantastic All I want to do is cuddle him now….. He has Christopher’s expression of using his tongue at the side of his mouth when he is concentrating….. heehee

I think you should get his twin into a wonder woman suit and put them together. It would be a great photo.

I totally reckon you should make children’s outfits since you’re so creative and a great seamstress. OMG the cute stuff you’d come up with!!

He actually is quite a serious baby! But he tends to laugh a lot at home or with Chris. When he’s out he spends the whole time ‘inspecting’ his surroundings and is Mr Serious:P