Food reviews - Singapore, Friends, Uncategorized BABY FREE(DOM) 7 August 2011

Spent the day with babyflite and it was MY VERY FIRST TIME BABY-FREE. Well, sort of! I left Hunter with my parents (feeding him just before I said goodbye) whilst we headed into the city to eat/shop.. then 4 hours later they brought him to the city so I could feed him again (thank goodness for parents who are willing to do this!). After feeding him, I said bye again and they brought him home to Chris who was waiting to give Hunter his solid-feed/bath/bedtime routine.

It felt so weird.

Since giving birth, I haven’t been apart from Hunter for more than a 4 hour stretch (‘cos of breastfeeding). And this time it was almost 12 hours that Hunter and I spent apart! E.P.I.C.

On the one hand, I felt so free that I didn’t know what to do with myself. And on the other hand, I missed his cheery lil face and would feel a bit sad whenever I spotted another baby around. Still, probably healthy for both of us to be separated for significant lengths of time during the day, just in case it happens in the future if I go back to work, or whatever circumstances may arise.

It was also his 2nd time seeing a dog(s) up-close.. at my gf’s place. I reckon he’s like me – he loves dogs/animals! He wasn’t afraid at all and eagerly tried to grab the poor dog πŸ˜‰

ZOMG a dog!!! Up close!


Beating Patting the dog

Lunch in the city was at Imperial Treasure that do fabulous yum cha for lunch. It was my first time there and I was pretty impressed with the food.. plus they come at very decent prices. Lovely quality, good service, and a nice peaceful ambience (but maybe I just found it peaceful as Hunter wasn’t with me for once, and whining if he doesn’t get enough attention, heh!)

BBQ pork bun

Xiao long bao

Deep fried shrimp dumplings


Egg custard tarts

After a serious bout of shopping, we were tired and rested our feet as well as filled our bellies at Pique Nique. Remember when we was last there, and the Whoopie Fries were inedible? This time, we made sure we stayed WELL away from them πŸ˜‰ And so this time, everything was spot-on. We also tried their Waffles for the first time and OMG I must go back for more! They do one of the best in Singapore (apart from Gelare) – very fat and thick, all beautifully crisp and browned on the outside, but moist and warm and soft on the inside. Ohhhhh sooooo gooooooood…. When can I go back for more? πŸ˜›

Pique Nique

The fries – perfect this time!

Hot dog with mushrooms..mmm… good….

Fantastic waffle with bananas and peanut butter/butterscotch ice cream

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