HOLIDAYS, Huangshan, Uncategorized HUANGSHAN: dinner at Ancient Street 6 May 2010

We had dinner whilst at Tunxi Ancient Street, selecting a restaurant that was packed to the brim and also had a queue. There were loads of locals there, so we figured the food would be authentic. I love the concept of ordering food in this area – it’s a real life menu! The food’s all displayed right in front of you, and you simply look at the dishes, and write down the number if you wish to order it. Then, they cook it all up and deliver it to your table. It’s an excellent idea because it’s so much easier to decide when you can see the dish in front of you, and especially useful for non-Chinese speakers. They should use this concept all around the world.

We ordered a storm of dishes, and I didn’t take photos because I was too busy eating and the horrid fluorescent lighting made it all look funny-colored anyway. We didn’t order anything “weird”.. though I did spy a turtle soup (!), which was basically a whole baby turtle in a bowl of soup. Eeeek. No thanks!

My favourite dish was the roti prata, otherwise known as “fei bing” (flying biscuit) in Chinese. It was cooked to a crisp and with a generous sprinkle of shallots. Absolutely delicious. The weirdest item that I had there? Corn juice, which is like a fruit juice drink, but using corn instead and served warm. It really does taste like a corn milkshake πŸ˜‰ Sounds strange but it was actually pretty tasty.


The huge restaurant (which was packed to the brim)

A sneaky pic of Chris and I canoodling whilst waiting in line, hehehe

You can preview all the food to choose what you want to order.
It’s like a real-life menu, very cool!

I HAS PRATA. Except in China it’s called “fei bing” (flying biscuit)

Happily eating

We then went for a tea ceremony in a tea-selling shop

A very expensive mountain mushroom tea (?!). It tasted good.

Tea tasting

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