Honeymoon, Maldives, Uncategorized, Wedding HONEYMOON IN THE MALDIVES – doing pilates in paradise 2 September 2009

It mostly exists in people’s dreams… at least it did in mine. I mean, pilates on the beach? On a tropical island and surrounded by lush greenery and sparkling ocean? Stuff like that just doesn’t happen in real life! But it does in the Maldives 😛

We had another one of those mega breakfasts that the Shangri-La is so good at, then headed over to meet our instructor for a 1 hour session of pilates. He chose a spot shaded by palm trees and facing the water, and we laid our mats down. It was quiet and peaceful, and it was here that we learned breathing exercises and performed some core exercises. I’ve done Pilates before, but doing it on the beach is completely different – a surreal and wonderful experience compared to doing it in a regular ‘ol gym.

After having done pilates in the Maldives, I have no more desire to do it anyone else now 😛

Our daily itinerary of activities, pilates was one of them!

Pilates in paradise

Exercise just seems that much more fun when it’s overlooking the beautiful ocean 😉

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Let's Chat!

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