Food reviews - Shanghai, Uncategorized HO MEI-SHENG JAPANESE RESTAURANT 30 January 2009

Ho Mei-Sheng
666 Fu Zhou Road
Shanghai, China

There’s this Japanese restaurant, which I think is called “Ho Mei-Sheng” (at least that’s what it says online), near my office.. which is co-incidentally near the Raffles City shopping centre. I always see a crowd of people waiting to be seated every lunchtime, so decided to check the place out one day when I was peckish for a snack. It’s small yet neatly decorated inside, with extremely efficient (and polite) service. I placed my order (with an English menu – woohoo!) and the food arrived within minutes.

Delicious, fresh salmon sashimi, though too small a portion 😉 Was equally impressed with the Crumbed pork kebabs, lovely and crisp on the outside, with a drizzle of sweet miso sauce. The pork was lean and tender, with no weird grisley or fatty bits. Perfect when eaten with a bowl of steaming white rice. Mmmm!

At 67? (US$9.80), it’s not a bad deal for a whole lotta protein, and for some very decent Japanese food.

Ho Mei-Sheng japanese restaurant

Pretty menu

It’s always a full-house at lunchtime (with a queue outside)

Pretty ‘lil teapot

Gorgeous salmon sashimi

Crumbed pork kebabs

Delicious, tender pork

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