Uncategorized BRISBANE “EBAY IN PERSON” 16 November 2005

Flew to Brisbane yesterday for the event, “eBay in Person”. I kind of imagined it’d be quite fun, but I didn’t quite realise how incredible it’d actually would be!

Unfortunately the flight there was horrid, it was delayed by 1.5 hours due to “electrical storms and high winds” – yikes! It was bumpy at take-off and landing.. I’m not used to shaky flights since I don’t really fly domestically. Small planes really make me nervous :X Got there all in one piece though, albeit late, so there wasn’t much down-time before we had to head over to the event.

It’s my first eBay event. The reason I wanted to go was basically to find out if there were other eBay fantatics out there – sometimes I feel quite alone, since none of my family or friends really understand why I’m so into it. So I was VERY HAPPY when it was pretty clear that everyone there was really passionate πŸ™‚

It was a question & answer session and I thought all the questions and comments were valid – they were exactly the things I would have said/asked too. But it was afterwards that really perked me up – the meet and greet with members! Had so much fun meeting them and chatting with them.. it made me feel really comfortable and confident that I was part of a passionate group, and not “the weird girl that really likes eBay”. Wish we could’ve talked through the night, but it got late and was dragged away so we could get some supper and drinks.

It’s like the holy grail

A full room of eBay fantatics!

Those fries came with mayo and were SUPERB

Loads of pizzas

Somehow, randomly, I got the mega spa suite room πŸ™‚
(though there was no time to actually enjoy it!)

Let’s Chat!