My two cheeky boys.. both as happy as punch, running toward the Gymnademics centre at ARC!

Carter’s been attending for quite a few weeks now, so he’s accustomed to the rapid pace and high energy of the one-hour long session.

Me? I’m still pretty knackered at the end of it. It’s MY gym workout of the week!

He very obviously benefits (and appreciates) from the high octane activities and learning sessions, and manages to focus on the task he’s supposed to be doing – most of the time ;) He also obviously enjoys it, so I love bringing him!

It’s a real joy to see him, and the other kids there, open up and really have fun. They get to let loose, expend a bit of energy, and absorb information. It’s exhausting for us parents (and definitely for the teachers, who must be a totally different breed of human to be able to run these classes multiple times a day!!), but very rewarding when you see your child open up and relish the activities.

And Hunter? He’s been coming along with us, but for their Free Play session. It’s just $40 for 4 one-hour sessions, which is a brilliant deal because it’s cheaper than play gyms and better. They have a theme-of-the-month, and have lots of activities, gym equipment, and toys for kids to play with.

So I pop Hunter in there, who is in seventh heaven that he gets all this space and stuff to play with…. and take Carter to his regular class. It’s win-win cos both kids come out afterwards so pleased!

Carter often joins Hunter in the Free Play room at Gymnademics after his class is over. Here they are playing with trains together:



Hunter showing Carter how it’s done:



This is back in a typical Gymnademics session – waving ribbons-on-sticks around, pretending to be birds! Or elephants! Or dancing kids! (yes, Hunter is there ‘cos he gatecrashed one of the classes for a bit last week….)



Carter does the flying trapeze. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Drinkies! Big gulps of water after all that physical activity.



All done for the day at Gymnademics. Til next week!


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