Events HUGGIES NEW ULTRA PANTS – win them or get free samples 3 April 2014

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Here’s something super exciting for you guys living in Singapore!!!

Obviously, “super exciting” only works if you’re 1) a parent, and 2) have a diaper wearing kid.

Otherwise, this may actually be super boring. But that’s just semantics.

Carter has been wearing Huggies Pants ever since we moved to Singapore, ‘cos I thought they were the best. Now, they’ve launched their new Huggies Ultra Pants which are blimmin’ good!!

Read about what I think of the Huggies Ultra Pants here.

There’s also a fabulous giveaway going on there at the link, and if you SMS the below, you get a FREE 3-piece sample of the new Huggies Ultra Pants!

SMS to “76677?:
HUP B02 <YourName> <DiaperSize> <KidGender> <YourEmail> <YourMailingAddress>

I say it’s a bit insane to just say no to a total freebie, so even if you don’t have a diaper-wearing kid, just search around til you find a relative or friend with one, and send the free sample to them (TIP: you can also tell them you’re sending them an early birthday present to their kid! And if they are a bit surprised you sent them 3 diapers as a ‘present’, tell them at least it’s a practical gift 😛 )

So here’s my darling son Carter, fancying himself as Singapore’s Top Model, strutting his stuff. Don’t mind the baby cellulite – he’s not fat, he’s just big boned!

HuggiesPants03 HuggiesPants05

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