We are all set for Carter’s 1st birthday party later today!

We’ve invited a bunch of his little superhero mates, as well as some relatives and family friends. And my father-in-law even flew down for the occasion! What a lucky little boy 🙂

DIY table centerpiece

The preparation leading up to the party was the most EPIC I have ever done for my kids’ birthdays… because almost NOTHING was store-bought.

Yep. Super un-crafty and un-creative me actually did a whole bunch of DIY stuff (basically all the decor) to mark the occasion of Carter’s 1st birthday party. I even managed to wrangle in help from my Dad, Chris, and Chris’ Dad 😉

That picture above of our table centerpiece? Looks fairly simple but HOOBOY the amount of effort taken to produce that! *faint* But all the DIY shennanigans will be saved for a blog entry on a later day.

Pray for us that the weather holds up and it doesn’t rain… because it’s a pool party!!!!



Let's Chat!

Iris says:

Happy Birthday, Super CUTE Carter! ;D Hope u get to eat lots of yummy food today as it’s YOUR day! 🙂

Beverly! says:

Thank you Iris! He had his first try of chocolate cake – wasn’t impressed LOL

Sarah says:

Love the theme! Happy first birthday Carter! His superpower is probably mega cuteness 😉

Beverly! says:

Haha thanks Sarah! It was actually mega-whinging during the party unfortunately, he was pretty overwhelmed!

Iris says:

It’s Isaiah’s first birthday party today too! Think they are born on (almost) the same day? Ice came into the world on 6 Aug last year 🙂

Have a great one! Hope the weather stays great! Fingers, toes and eyes crossed! 😉

Beverly! says:

Awww hope you guys had a great day!! Carter is on 5 Aug 🙂