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Hunter got the opportunity to do a little photoshoot for Mother & Baby magazine a few weeks ago. This little one rather loves the camera *ahem* and is pretty good taking instructions during photoshoots, so the whole thing was pretty quick and painless.

And, he LOVED it!

He really took to the lady in charge and didn’t dish out any death stares. Whew. I suppose the fact that she was holding a big green truck did it for him! She instantly became his favourite person and he adored that truck.

Just as well, because the photos centered around the truck 😉 Better yet, it involved putting small wooden blocks into the truck. I could practically see his brain pop with happiness. It’s probably his absolute favourite activity.. organising stuff in/out of some sort of vehicle!

And the magazine is out right now:

Mother and Baby, April 2013


A sneak peak in their who’s who page.


Besotted with the blocks and truck


Hunter had a really fab time playing with the toys. I’m just glad the kid isn’t very active and is happy to sit still for quite awhile, whilst his photo is being taken! And now he’ll smile at the camera on demand, and enjoys posing and seeing photos taken of himself. Just call him Mr Show Pony 😉

Thanks Mother & Baby!



  • Mag posted on March 31, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    LOL! Mr Show Pony! I’ll go get a copy to support ;D

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