I’m glad I go to a child-friendly gym at Selective Fitness,  because I can get whipped into shape on their fab Powerplate machines, AND have Hunter kept amused – he finds the upbeat music and all of us jumping around terribly amusing ;)

Plus, afterwards, I can adjourn to The Plain, a fantabulous nook of an Australian cafe nearby. They have excellent all-day breakfasts, sandwiches, and brew up a killer coffee with smooth foam and a lovely flavour.

Ahhhh…. bliss.

Where dreams are made, and asses get toned


This is what I've been reduced to.. exercising and amusing baby, all at the same time ;)


Hunter approves of a fit mother ;)


Relaxing afterwards with a coffee at The Plain

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Let's Chat!

Pris says:

Hey Bev!

I LOVE the photo of you exercising and amusing Hunter!!!! So funny!!!! Did your instructor take the photo for you?

Beverly! says:

He did! I asked him to cos Hunter was so amused with our antics in the gym ;)

rachel says:

wow! that great to have a baby friendly gym…

Beverly! says:

Yeah they’re pretty good and since the classes are so small, you don’t worry about annoying a whole bunch of people if your baby yells!