I’m not the fittest of people out there.

OK, ha ha. I know I am not even close to being fit/healthy due to our sedentary lifestyle. I don’t get much time to myself, let alone think about exercise. And let’s face it, it’s not exactly on the top of my priority list.

The downside of my blase behaviour is that, despite being below my pre-pregnancy weight, I don’t look lean/slim. And that’s just the honest truth. I look…. different, post-baby. A bit flabby here and there, no muscle tone, and just generally looking “middle aged”. It irritates me to hell and back, so decided that I AM GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Selective Fitness appeals to me because it’s not like one of those gyms that the masses go to – where the machines are always in use by some gym bunny, and the place just smells kinda funky. Selective Fitness is presented as a boutique gym, where it becomes a pleasure to exercise.

Situated in a little shophouse on Tras Street, it’s surrounded by cafes and bars, and is in a really central area. The reason it’s not a common gym is because it features Power Plates, these vibrating machines that you exercise on. There’s only 6 machines available so you call up to book in a time that suits you, and it could be only you in the class or up to 5 others with you. To put it frankly, it’s about as close as you can get to personal training without having to pay top dollar.

Thankfully, the machines and whole gym is always spotless, and you can have a shower afterwards in their cozy bathroom (complete with lovely Malin+Goetz spa products to use). The whole work out experience is just….. nice. I think I’ve been spoiled now and don’t want to go to a regular gym any more πŸ˜›

Inside Selective Fitness. They also have a pilates studio for those so inclined.

This room is gonna have Power Plate bikes, for spin class *gulps*
My ass already hurts just thinking about it…

Malin+Goetz products to use when you have a shower

The workout is pretty full on. The session is catered to your fitness level (mine was the level before Beginners, is there even a name for that?!?!), and every thing you do Power Plate machine is intensified because of the vibrations. Boy, do you feel the BURN!!! It’s because you use more muscles (and core muscles) in your body to balance and stable yourself, hence the intensity. I LOVE it as I get full bang-for-my-buck in my exercise, as when I decide to get my butt moving, I do like a solid workout.

I got a free trial and so can you, just contact Selective Fitness and ask. Know what’s good? They also don’t pressure you and get all shitty with you if you decide not to go ahead with it afterwards (really can’t stand it when companies do that!). It’s heaps fun though and I’m glad it’s gotten me off my lazy ass. In fact, I’m going tomorrow afternoon πŸ˜€

Power Plate machine is JUDGING your fat ass. Time to get moving!!

Looking rather fluid in this photo, but boy it’s not easy! See my calf muscles?
That’s from me trying to stay upright on the vibrating platform..

The BEST part of the workout.. at the end when you do a massage on the machine *bliss*

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

hi, it looks like u r locking ur left knee in the picture (holding the ball). try not to do that becos it causes the vibrations to go to ur head, causing dizziness and u end up not utilising ur muscles efficiently.

You’re right.. the trainer was telling us that but it’s hard to concentrate on a couple of things at the same time, oops!